Chapter 1185: The Sudden Tough Battle (Part Two)

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Aggressive energy explosions appeared in this mystical space repeatedly.

Since the four goblin godly kings were divided, they couldn’t use their unique coordination technique. For a moment, the battle was in a stalemate.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Fei raised his hand and shot out a golden and silver sword energy of order.

It was clear that the two goblin godly kings who were battling Fei knew the terrifying power of this sword energy. While roaring repeatedly, they each created a doppelganger that contained the same level of life energy and laws of nature as themselves. Then, the doppelgangers jumped toward the sword energy and got turned into two masses of pure energy.

This killing strike was broken!

To the goblin godly kings, they only lost a portion of their energy.

Godly kings could already create laws of nature, and these goblin godly kings used a unique method and fooled Fei’s golden and silver sword energy of order!

At this moment, the shrill screams of a bear sounded on the side.


The giant bear that Fei summoned was torn into pieces by the goblin godly king. Since it was severely injured, it couldn’t hold up and got turned into a mass of white light dots before disappearing.

The combat force of these goblin godly kings was beyond Fei’s imagination.

Without the bear to tank all the damage, the other creatures that Fei summoned couldn’t last long. Soon, they were taken down and dismantled. The giant raven, the white wild wolf, and the sneaky man-eating vine were all torn apart.

The goblin godly king who was freed didn’t reinforce its two peers that were struggling under Fei’s strikes.

This creature was cunning; he dashed toward Valkyrie Elena who was barely able to stay undefeated in the battle against the goblin godly king.

Instantly, Elena had to fight two enemies at the same time, and she fell into a huge disadvantage.

After a short moment, Elena snorted in pain, and the goblin godly king who turned into a green light beam breached her defense and almost tore off one of her arms.

“Damn it!” Fei became enraged.

Like a spinning top, the emperor dashed over and spun, instantly sending out 12 golden and silver sword energies of order. Like dragons, these sword energies flew across the air and dashed toward the four goblin godly kings.

At the same time, Fei got to Elena and placed one of his hands on one of her shoulders. Then, a streak of golden holy power rushed into her body and got rid of the evil green energy that one of the goblin godly kings had left in her body.

On the other side, the goblin godly kings used the old trick. They created doppelgangers that were like mirror images of themselves, distracting the sword energies of order and sacrificing a portion of their strength to save their lives.

“Be careful; don’t get too far away from me.” Fei started to look grim.

The suppressive power in this space made Fei and Elena only able to unleash about 70 percent of their full strength, but the goblin godly kings weren’t affected and could do anything they wanted to.

More importantly, if Fei and Elena couldn’t separate these four goblins, they could get together and use the coordination technique.

Just as Fei expected, these four goblin godly kings dashed around in the air with great speed, creating many phantoms. It was impossible to separate the mirror images from the real goblins, and both the mirror images and the real goblins could unleash powerful attacks.

Like a giant green tornado, the four goblin godly kings surrounded Fei and Elena.

This was going to be a tough battle.

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