Chapter 1186: The Appearance of the Person Behind All This (Part One)

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Fei and Elena were at a great disadvantage.

Whenever they were in critical danger, Fei had to unleash the power of the [Scepter of Creation] and use a large amount of his godly power. Only the golden and silver sword energies of order could help them survive the dangerous moments.

Time gradually passed by.

For Fei and Elena, this situation made them feel like they were back in the Diablo World. Whenever they challenged the bosses in each map, those dangerous yet thrilling moments made them excited as their blood boiled.

The intense battle continued.

The only advantage that Fei had was that he studied the [Demon King’s Sword], and he was a grandmaster in understanding coordination techniques. After observing how those weaker goblins coordinated with each other while attacking dozens of times earlier, Fei paid closer attention to these four goblin godly kings and slowly figured out the secret in this coordination technique that was being used.

“Great opportunity! Now…” Fei grasped onto a split-second opening, and he suddenly jumped up and attacked.


A terrifying energy fist appeared and dashed forward. Like a light beam, this energy fist instantly shattered the head of one of the goblin godly kings.

At the same time, the attacks from the other three goblin godly kings arrived.

Fei’s body shivered as he moved in high speed at the same location. Although it seemed like he didn’t move, he somehow dodged the attacks from two of the goblin godly kings.

Bam! The sharp claws of the last goblin godly king struck Fei’s back.

“Puff!” Fei got knocked away, and he smashed into that giant green boulder.

While being sent flying, Fei laughed and shot out a golden and silver sword energy of order, turning that goblin godly king who lost its head and was trying to recover into a mass of pure energy. Then, this mass of pure energy flew back into Fei’s hand like an obedient little bird.

At this moment, it seemed like a gasp sounded in this space, and it was filled with pity.

One of the four goblin godly kings was taken down, and their coordination technique was instantly broken.

Fei was hit by the claws, and it only left an external wound. The emperor instantly turned into a golden light beam and flew back, protecting Valkyrie Elena who was on the side.

After Fei killed one of the enemies, the tables had been turned! Fei and Elena finally started to obtain the advantage.

As time passed by, Fei killed another goblin godly king and absorbed the latter’s pure energy. However, that didn’t come easy. Fei almost got one of his arms torn into pieces.

This was the most tragic battle that Fei had ever engaged in since he became a godly king. He had to face four enemies who were on his level, and his strength was suppressed.

There was no way that Fei could stay intact through this battle. Golden blood flowed out of his body and dripped down the sky and onto the ground.

Elena was also injured quite a bit.

The goblin godly kings were cunning. They knew that Elena was the weak point, and they attacked her the most. Seeing this, Fei didn’t dare to use all his abilities and power, afraid that he might get too far away from Elena and cause the latter to be injured.


After seeing another opening, Fei lured his enemies close by intentionally showing weaknesses and risked being injured. Then, he traded one more injury on his body with the life of another goblin godly king.

“Puff…” Fei opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of golden blood.

The last remaining goblin godly king almost tore Fei’s belly open and left a giant hole there.

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