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Hail the King Chapter 1187.1

Chapter 1187: The Demonified Deputy Pope (Part One)

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Fei almost instantly recognized this scepter.

This was the supreme scepter of the Holy Church, and it represented the unparalleled and unique power. Only that person who sat on the Holy Throne and glanced down at the continent was qualified to hold this scepter.

“You are… Platini?” A name instantly jumped into Fei’s mind.

Deafening laughter sounded in this space again.

“Haha! That is right! It is me! However, poor soul! You should call me the great Pope Platini. Now, kneel and worship me. Also, kiss the land that I’m standing on. Perhaps I will show mercy and pardon your sins!” The man in white confirmed his identity.

Platini! A man who was almost standing on the top of the Azeroth Continent!

The word ‘almost’ was used since he wasn’t the real pope of the Holy Church. Above him, there was a man who was even more mysterious and majestic – Blatter!

Platini was a legendary and influential figure of the Holy Church, yet he was quite controversial.

This man rose up in the [Black-Cloth Shrine], and this shrine that was falling out of the power center saw Platini as their hope of redemption. At a young age, Platini showcased unparalleled talent, especially in the area of holy power. His cultivation speed of holy power was insanely fast! The [Black-Cloth Shrine] poured almost all its wealth and resources into Platini.

However, this man who became powerful and famous through the [Black-Cloth Shrine] killed the hope that this shrine had on his own.

After depleting most of the resources that the [Black-Cloth Shrine] could offer, Platini decided to betray this shrine and joined Pope Blatter in the name of the gods.

Many followers and believers of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] hated this man to their cores, but they couldn’t do anything.

After joining Pope Blatter’s side, Platini quickly obtained Blatter’s full trust using mysterious methods, and he soon jumped into the power circle of the Holy Church, becoming the Deputy Pope who led the Northern Regional Church. Soon, he was promoted again and moved to the Central Region. He was a figure who was only below Pope Blatter but above everyone else.

In the last dozens of years, it seemed like Pope Blatter was gradually retiring, and Platini tightly grasped onto the Holy Church. He promoted his henchmen and punished his oppositions, almost controlling the headquarters of the Holy Church. Now, many people saw him as the next pope; there were no other qualified candidates for this position.

Today, this figure who could make the continent shake under his feet appeared at a place that he shouldn’t be at.

Too many issues were highlighted when Platini appeared like this and had an impressive presence.



The [Black-Cloth Shrine] saw both these men as the hope for its redemption, and these two men who were the most famous and influential met at this place for the first time.

When the four eyes met, a series of invisible sparks appeared.

Rumors said that Platini arrived at the Southern Region with the most elite force, and he was going to ambush the Human Emperor of the North and end the confrontation between the Holy Church and the Northern Region Empire.

It seemed like the rumors were proven true today.

Platini was planning to kill Fei, and he was going to kill Fei in such an unimaginable fashion!

“As the Deputy Pope, why are you here?” Fei asked with a frown.

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