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Hail the King Chapter 1187.2

Chapter 1187: The Demonified Deputy Pope (Part Two)

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“Hahaha! Alexander, since you already guessed everything, why are you still asking? Why waste time and energy?” Standing on the top of the mountain, Platini slowly pulled off the golden mask and revealed a young and handsome face underneath. He looked young as if he was in his twenties, and he mocked with a contemptuous smile, “What? Do you want to drag on the conversation to buy time for your recovery? Hahaha!”

Fei’s face changed color, and he thought, “No wonder this man is one of the most powerful people in the world. He is intelligent, and he saw through my plan in a flash.”

Platini continued, “However, even if you can buy more time and recover, what can you do? You are going to die today! There is no way around it! Hahaha! Don’t look at me like that! Human Emperor of the North, you are too conceited! Do you think that you can go anywhere in the world after becoming a godly king? That is why you got lured here by a simple bait! You fell into this trap that is especially prepared for you! You can only accept the fate of dying here!”

No emotion could be observed from Fei’s face, and he continued to slowly recover his strength.

“I have to admit that you brought me a ton of pressure, and my plan was almost obliterated.” Platini couldn’t help it! While he was at an absolute advantage, he vented his smugness at will like all the villains in movies.

Platini said with a smile, “In the beginning, I thought that you are only a little disobedient bug, and I could easily wipe you out if I wanted to. In fact, I even used you as a saber! I arranged those masters of the Holy Church, who were disobedient toward me, to die in your hands, again and again, building up your reputation.”

Fei was slightly surprised by what he heard, and he must admit that if the Holy Church used lightning-like strikes against him, there wouldn’t be the Northern Region Empire and the Human Emperor of the North.

Unfortunately, regardless of how powerful and intelligent people were, they always habitually ignored those weak threats due to their pride and big ego, and they would only get serious when the weak threats became big issues.

“Hahaha! I will tell you more. Don’t be surprised! You guessed right! Everything you saw is real! I’m only here for one reason; I’m the lord of this place. Everything here is under my control! Hahaha!” At this moment, Platini was like an elementary schooler who worked hard and obtained a full-mark on an exam, and he was venting his joy and smugness without holding back. His calm laughter gradually became hysterical.

“Goblins? They are only my toys! That is right! I created them, I now control them, and I need them to serve me. Rob, kill, and create chaos on the continent to let fear spread. Believing in the Holy Church will be the only way out, and what I need will accumulate…”

Fei’s brows twisted together.

With one of his hands on one of Elena’s shoulders, Fei’s golden holy power continued to heal the injuries on their bodies. However, under the illumination of the green light coming from the giant green boulder, this healing process was as slow as the moving speed of snails.

Seeing this, the mocking smile on Platini’s face intensified.

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