Chapter 1188: A Shocking Secret (Part One)

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It didn’t seem like Platini was trying to stop Fei. He only asked with a little displeasure, “What? Aren’t you going to be angry and accuse me of wrongdoings? Aren’t you going to ask me why I would do such sickening things? As a human, why would I create a catastrophe in the Southern Region and kill billions upon billions of people? Aren’t you mad after hearing what I said? Or, are you just like me? Not caring about those dead humans at all?”

Fei didn’t say anything and only pouted. He thought to himself, “Why would I be angry or surprised? These lines and such plots are already too common, and I’ve seen too many already.”

In Diablo World, Andariel was a righteous female rogue, but she became one of the demons. Also, Paladin Griswold fell and turned evil. These heroes were looked up to by many people, but they became evil and helped the devils.

On top of all this, Fei had seen many movies and TV dramas on Earth where the righteous, heroic, and holy figures turned into villains.

Perhaps tens of thousands of reasons are needed to become a hero, but only one is needed to become a villain, and that is greed.

Fei saw too much desire and greed in Platini’s eyes.

In fact, before coming here, Fei had gotten a ton of information from the [Letter Office], and he detected many clues that showed some connections between the Holy Church and the Goblin Clan.

“What? Why aren’t you talking? Are you trying to put up the last fight?” Platini was angered by Fei’s silence, and he sneered, “Or do you think that you can get out of here alive?”

“Who can block me if I want to leave?” Fei finally spoke.

“Hahaha! You are too naïve! Where do you think this place is? Why do you think I lured you here?” Platini laughed in excitement. While he laughed, a series of muffled bumping noises sounded from within the giant green boulder.

Both Fei and Elena puked up mouthfuls of blood.

“What is this giant green boulder? How can it release noises that are able to injure godly kings? Anyone below the level 8 True God Realm would be shattered into dust by this noise!”

At the same time, a layer of green light appeared in this space and completely engulfed Fei and Elena like a giant balloon. This sphere of light had a diameter of hundreds of kilometers.

Platini lightly waved the Scepter of Ragnarok in his hand.

A golden sword of light flew out and struck the green sphere of light.

Boom! The golden sword of light that was able to kill a goblin godly king wasn’t even able to create some ripples on the sphere!

“Did you see that? This is the light prison created by the power of a supreme god, and it is the firmest obstacle in the world. Its toughness is tens of millions of times of ordinary spatial barriers. Anyone below the peak Godly King Realm can’t break it. What do you think?” Platini asked with a mocking smile while looking down at Fei, “Do you still think that you can get away?”

At this moment, Fei was shocked. Platini mentioned one term – supreme god!

“This giant green light prison is created by the godly power of a supreme god?”

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