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Hail the King Chapter 1188.2

Chapter 1188: A Shocking Secret (Part Two)

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“Could it be that his strength reached the Supreme God Realm? No, it can’t be. If Platini is already a supreme god, he can kill me easily and won’t lure me to this place. The only explanation is that…”

“This green boulder hides a secret!”

“What do you think? Did you notice it now? That is right! This boulder isn’t ordinary! It is the heart of a fallen supreme god after many years passed. Are you shocked?” Platini revealed his advantage in front of his enemies.

Today, Platini wasn’t the righteous and kind figure who normally appeared before everyone. He was no longer mature and stable, and he didn’t have his gentle smile.

Perhaps this man had been wearing a fake mask for too long. After feeling like he was in complete control, he showed his true nature and personality.

Fei was shocked to his core!

“The green boulder? The heart of a fallen supreme god?”

A lightning bolt flashed across Fei’s mind, getting rid of all mist of confusion. Many questions on his mind that troubled him were answered.

“Hahaha! Did you think it through? Now you know where we are?” Platini noticed the changes to Fei’s expression, and he laughed, “You are smart! No wonder you are someone who can trouble me! That is right! We are inside a corpse! Haha! You understand it now? Those pathways are the blood vessels in this corpse, and these spaces are the joints! Right now, we are in the chest of this corpse where the heart is! Hahaha! This is the corpse of a supreme god who died countless years ago!”

“A corpse! The corpse of a fallen supreme god!”

At this moment, Fei couldn’t hide the shock on his face.

“No wonder! I felt like no force in this world could have create such a giant maze and enormous spaces. These places weren’t artificially created. It is the corpse of a fallen supreme god. These endless and countless pathways are the dried blood vessels of this corpse…”

“This giant green boulder is the dried heart of a supreme god?”

“It can still create bumping noises… is this god not truly dead?”

Fei thought to himself.

“Even though this supreme god died countless years ago, a portion of its godly power remains. Its heart already dried up in the wind and is like a boulder, yet it still contains a level of power that we can’t imagine! This is the power of a supreme god! Standing above all things! Aren’t you envious of such power?” Platini’s tone was filled with seduction.

He laughed with an intoxicating smile on his face, “Did you know? When I accidentally discovered the corpse of this goblin supreme god, I knew that I opened a treasure chest that contains endless possibilities. I slowly understood the power of this corpse, and I was able to recreate a new goblin race. I obtained a level of power that others couldn’t imagine, and I learned the secret to becoming a supreme god. My plan is almost successfully executed! By then, the entire Azeroth Continent will shiver under my feet! Nothing can challenge my prestige! Your Northern Region Empire will disappear with a thought!”

It was clear that Platini didn’t think that Fei could escape, so he vented all the pent-up excitement and frustration like a patient with prostatitis finally urinating without pain.

Platini told Fei some of his secrets. After all, his plan was about to succeed.

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