Chapter 1189: The Reverse of the Situation (Part One)

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Ambushing and killing Fei was only a part of Platini’s plan.

The Southern Region was going to be the beginning of his grand and ambitious plan.

Fei didn’t know why Platini had to use this corpse of a goblin supreme god to create those defective goblins that knew nothing but killing, and he also didn’t know why Platini had to use these goblins to wipe out humans in the Southern Region and wash the land with blood.

Fei didn’t know the details and theories behind this mad human genius’ plan, so everything was still temporarily a mystery.

However, based on the information so far, it was clear that becoming a supreme god was one of Platini’s ambitions, and it seemed like he had found the way to achieve it.

The corpse of a supreme god was indeed the most valuable treasure in this world; it contained endless possibilities and secrets.

If this news got out, the entire continent would be shocked.

“Do you know who they are?” Platini pointed at the 12 giant figures in silver armor who stood around the great green boulder. He laughed proudly, “Perhaps you will recognize a few of them!”

Before he finished speaking, the mercury-like metal that covered these 12 giant figures’ faces slowly wriggled and moved away, revealing the silverish-grey faces that looked dead.

They were all the faces of human masters.

Fei instantly recognized one of the faces, and his head almost exploded in anger.

Pato! The young lord who appeared in the Endless Sea of Forests behind Chambord and became brothers with Fei. Although Fei only met Pato a few times, they were the same kind of people. In the battle against the Holy Church and Juventus, Pato self-detonated to push away the enemy masters and save the last troop of AC Milan and Inter Milan. However, he appeared before Fei today.

“Damn it!”

Almost without hesitation, Fei turned into a beam of light and dashed forward, grabbing toward ‘Pato’ and trying to save the latter from this situation.

At this moment, ‘Pato’ who had his eyes closed suddenly opened them.

Two streaks of beast-like red light shot out of his eyes.

Then, he raised one of his arms and punched toward Fei.


The giant sound waves expanded outward in all directions as an explosion appeared in this green space, looking as if many tornadoes appeared.

Fei was knocked back, and the injuries on his body that were healing opened again. Streaks of golden blood jetted out.

The shock on Fei’s face soon turned into calmness and anger.

“Yeah, Pato, that clever young lord who liked to smile, is already dead. He loved his empire and his people, and he also loved the Central Region. His blood was spilled on the fertile Central Region, and he gave up everything for his beliefs.”

It was clear that Pato who died in battle couldn’t appear here.

Also, even though this ‘Pato’ looked the same, everything else about him changed. His power, body composition, and presence all became different. Now, Fei could already tell that these 12 giant figures in silver armor were monsters pieced together with an evil alchemy technique and black magic. Intense death energy was coming out of their bodies, and they could unleash terrifying strength.

These figures were similar to Fei’s silver crystal battle soul warrior, but one group was evil and the other group was righteous. They weren’t the same at all.

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