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Hail the King Chapter 1189.2

Chapter 1189: The Reverse of the Situation (Part Two)

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If these 12 figures appeared on the Azeroth Continent, they should be hunted down by the Holy Church immediately. Now, they were Platini’s tools.

“Hahaha! Pato! The most talented young general of AC Milan, and he is one of the cleverest young lords. Also, it is heard that he is your brother! Less than half a year ago, he was turned into a meat pie when fighting with the troops of the Holy Church. His body completely disappeared in this world, and his soul even shattered. Only his head remained, which is a usable material. I used his head as the head of one of the [Godly Warriors]. Perfect art pieces… such grace! Haha! Alexander, what do you think?”

Platini was excited to see a trace of anger appearing in the depths of Fei’s eyes.

It seemed like angering Fei was something that Platini enjoyed and found thrill in.

“Do you know how much materials that these 12 [Godly Warriors] cost me? Hahaha! A total of 1,100 peak Burning Sun Lords and 35 demi-gods… these raw materials are from the two empires in the Central Regions and the various empires in the Southern Region! They tried to fight the goblins for those poor and stupid civilians, and they were slain by me like animals… did you see how those goblin masters were born? Hahaha! The [Godly Warriors] have a similar origin. I captured most of them, and they were forced to kill each other inside the corpse of this goblin supreme god that still had godly power remaining. Only the strongest human masters survived. Then, I destroyed their souls and used black magic and alchemy to piece the corpses of those poor bugs together and created these perfect bodies…”

“Enough!” Fei suddenly shouted and interrupted Platini who was recalling everything with an intoxicated expression on his face.

“What did you say? What? Say it again! I didn’t hear you!” Platini had a cruel smile on his face.

“I said that you are scum, and you should be killed tens of thousands of times!” Fei looked calm, yet the sharp murderous spirits leaked out of his body and permeated the air, almost solidifying around him.

“This is the biggest joke that I’ve ever heard! You are now only a poor bug who is crawling before my feet. You can’t even save yourself. What qualification do you have to say this?” Platini laughed when he heard Fei’s words.

Suddenly, a cold grin appeared on Fei’s face, and he said, “Scum Platini Your Holiness, I guess that you haven’t reached the Supreme God Realm, right?”

Platini replied with mockery, “Even if I’m not a supreme god, I’m not someone who you can challenge. You are already this injured, and you can’t recover. On top of that, you have a heavy burden with you. You can’t even escape! You are like a caged tiger that got its fangs and claws cut off! You can only wait for your death!”

The smile on Fei’s face became strange, and he said, “You talk too much. Since you aren’t a supreme god, it means that you can’t escape this green light prison as well, right?”

“What do you mean?” Platini suddenly felt like something wasn’t right.

“I mean, Scumbag, you are dead! You are really dead!” Fei suddenly roared, and a streak of unparalleled golden holy power flashed. All the injuries on his body instantly recovered.

Then, a golden light flashed on Elena, and she instantly healed up as well.

“This… impossible!” Platini’s pupils instantly contracted.

[TL Note: It was at this moment that he knew… he f*cked up.]

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  1. Neul

    What happened to anti mage realm? It is super useful in these kind of situation.

    • I think that after Fei went beyond the Demi-God Realm, his power consolidated, and everything merged into one. So I think he can use his grand godly realm if he wants to.

  2. yacatect

    how many chapters are left until the end?

    thanks for the chapters as always~♡

  3. OG

    And what happened to the red evil goo being?

  4. I loph it

  5. nnnn

    [TL Note: It was at this moment that he knew… he f*cked up.] it made my day haha perfect

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