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Hail the King Chapter 1190.1

Chapter 1190: The Appearance of the Continental Martial Saint (Part One)

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“You have been scheming against me. Haha! Why can’t I do it against you?” Fei’s presence suddenly rose, no longer looking dispirited and lost.

Then, the emperor dashed into the sky and stood on the same level as Platini who was standing on the top of the giant green boulder.

“This is impossible… how did you do it?” The mockery on Platini’s face instantly disappeared. While roaring, he activated the dried heart of this goblin supreme god.


Bump! Bump! Bump!

A series of strong and rhythmic noises sounded like the rhythm of the world, and green ripples appeared and expanded like giant waves, surging toward Fei and Elena.

“Haha! Do you really think that I can’t block the power of a corpse?” Fei laughed and tore open the space around him as if he was tearing a piece of fabric. The terrifying green sound waves that could instantly kill gods got turned into pieces as if they were paper, passing by Fei and Elena.

“Humph! So you were pretending all along! You wanted to get information out of me?” Platini’s expression turned ugly, and he stared at Fei in anger. “Although I don’t know why you aren’t affected by the suppression of a supreme god’s laws of nature, what can you do? Hehe, now that you recovered, what can you do? I have 12 godly-king-level [Godly Warriors], and there are only two of you. Today, you have to die!”

“It seems like I need to tell you the story of someone being asked to enter a boiling pot.” Fei looked at his opponent in pity and said, “Don’t you want to know why I knew something about this place?”

“You…” Platini suddenly thought of something, and a terrified expression appeared on his face.

“Hahaha! Did you think it through? It is too late! Let’s compare the number of people on each side again! Come out! The Throne of Creation!” Fei laughed loudly.

Before the emperor could finish, a series of brilliant silver ripples appeared in the air. Then, a giant beautiful silver throne slowly showed up. This throne looked majestic like a descending overlord, and it was engraved with all kinds of images of the gods. As streaks of light flashed around it, this throne seemed to have come to life, and many holy spiritual battle songs resonated and surged around it.

This was the treasure that Fei obtained from Sky City – the Throne of Creation.

This throne also had another name – the Throne of Destruction.

Although the Throne of Destruction was the name that it had, it was later proved that Cain and Akara made a mistake in terms of knowledge, which was rare. Their translation was off, and they translated the word ‘creation’ into ‘destruction’. Now, this throne finally got its proper name.

Of course, this wasn’t the important part.

As the Throne of Creation appeared, another figure also showed up in this giant space.

This figure was slightly short and chubby, and he had thick black curly hair and a big grey beard. He had big eyes and thick brows, and his big nose added to his character.

This man was wearing an ordinary-looking sky-blue robe, and he was standing beside the Throne of Creation with a smile on his face.

Just judging from his appearance alone, this man was an ordinary middle-aged man. He didn’t have an overbearing presence and a dominant aura. In fact, he didn’t even look like a charismatic uncle.

He was more like a casual and calm farmer. If he were within a large group of people, he wouldn’t be picked out by masters.

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  1. The hand of god.

  2. pipipopopopo

    wasn’t it called the throne of chaos ( throne of destruction was baal’s throne ) , and there was nothing called the throne of creation before

    • DirganDS

      The author forgot about it

    • yes it was called throne of chaos but the throne of creation as they explained is the real name..although it is true the author mixed up the throne of destruction and throne of chaos…basically the throne of creation is the real name of the throne of chaos is what he meant

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