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Hail the King Chapter 1190.2

Chapter 1190: The Appearance of the Continental Martial Saint (Part Two)

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However, when Platini saw this man, his expression completely froze!

“Maradona!” Platini said this man’s name slowly, syllable by syllable.

Regardless of who it was, their heads would buzz once they heard this name.

On the entire Azeroth Continent, there was only one man with the name Maradona!

This man was the strongest human under the stars, and he resided on the Continental Martial Saint Mountain and dominated the continent for 1,000 years. No master dared to challenge his prestige and power! Although he was a mysterious figure who almost no one had seen before, he was powerful enough to rival the Holy Church on his own! He was the Continental Martial Saint!

A man who lived in legends!

A man who was almost like a supreme god in many people’s eyes!

A man who Platini hated to the core!

“We meet again, Scumbag!” Maradona smiled and greeted Platini. It was clear that the relationship between these two wasn’t friendly; everyone could see that.

Intense murderous spirits hid under the smiles on the surface. It seemed like Fei wasn’t the first person to call Platini a scumbag.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you…” Platini was stunned!

“Shouldn’t I be blocked at the Dragon Island in the Central Region, right?” Maradona casually grabbed in the air, and a cigar appeared in his hand. He placed it in between his lips, and sparks appeared on the end when he sucked on the butt of the cigar. Then, the fragrance of the cigar slowly permeated the air.

“If I didn’t release the fake appearance of me being blocked at the Dragon Island in the Central Region, would an old fox like you decide to come to the Southern Region to ambush Alexander?”

Platini finally realized something, and he said with hatred, “It seems like you two already partnered up a while ago?”

Fei smiled and said, “Of course. Do you really think that I’m an ignorant fool? Do you think that I’m someone who thinks that I’m invincible and can go anywhere in the world after I became a god? I knew that underestimating enemies is equivalent to committing suicide. Without knowing that I will win for sure, would I come into this trap recklessly?”

Platini’s expression turned livid and extremely ugly. “When did you start working together? How come my intelligence network didn’t even get a single clue?”

“When?” Maradona casually blew a smoke ring and said, “Long, long ago. Before Barcelona waged the war against Zenit, we were already in touch. You should know that little ones such as Milito, Cassano, and Shaarawy are under me. Since they are familiar with Alexander, there is no communicate blockage between us.”

“I see…” Platini sighed and said, “I should have thought about that. I should have known… those damn wastrels in the Godly Clergy Group! They didn’t provide any relevant information to me…”

“Wastrels? The Godly Clergy Group has no wastrels. As to why you didn’t receive any reports? Perhaps some people don’t want you to know too much. Hahaha!” Maradona soon finished smoking the entire cigar.

Platini sharply captured the information that Maradona revealed, and glints flashed in his eyes. “Blatter? That old fart? He is scheming behind my back?”

Fei also realized something at this moment, and he thought to himself, “It seems like there are conflicts within the Holy Church. The relationship between Pope Blatter and Deputy Pope Platini isn’t as great as it seems. These two magnates are fighting behind everyone’s back. This time, it seems like Platini got pinched by Blatter.”

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