Chapter 1191: The Appearance of the Continental Martial Saint (2) (Part One)

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“Since everything is clear now, what are we waiting for? Haha! Let’s battle! Let’s see who can walk out of here alive!” Maradona laughed.

“This battle is meaningless.” Platini shook his head with great disappointment. “It is me who miscalculated this time. Alexander, you are lucky this time! You are lucky that you can get away. One day, I will turn you into one of my [Godly Warriors]!”

“Don’t say one day. Let’s do it today. Since I prepared for so long, how can I be willing if I don’t kill a scumbag like you?” Fei floated into the air and waved his hand, summoning the Throne of Creation again.

Without this saint item, Maradona wouldn’t be able to pass through the light prison created by the godly power of a supreme god and arrive at this place.

“Haha! Kill me? Kill me here? If I want to leave, who can stop me?” Platini laughed.

Platini already had a complete understanding of this corpse of a supreme god, and he grasped onto all the secrets of this dried heart. Right now, he was the ruler of this space. Although he couldn’t kill Fei and Maradona, it was too easy for him to get away.

Maradona said slowly, “Perhaps I can stop you.”

With that said, Maradona suddenly flashed in this space, and his body changed several positions. Fei and Platini didn’t know what he did, but the green light prison that engulfed this space became even stronger, and a series of mystical laws of nature appeared, bringing with them indescribable changes.

“You…” Platini was terrified, and his soul almost left his body. He somehow felt like he was slowly losing control of the giant boulder-like green heart underneath his feet.


Platini turned into a streak of light and tried to dash into the void, but he was troubled by the green light that was everywhere. He realized that he couldn’t open the space anymore, and he no longer had full control of the green light prison. He was completely imprisoned inside this space as well.

“Hahaha! Although I recently discovered this corpse, I still managed to grasp some of the secrets. Now, you finally reaped the fruit of your own action! The trap that you set up is now your tomb! Haha!” Maradona couldn’t help but laugh.

After fighting in secret for many years, Maradona was finally at the advantage. Now that he was about to take care of this opponent, his battle-hunger skyrocketed.

“Little Guy, we only have 12 minutes. You can battle this scumbag; I’m too old and can’t battle that well. I will help you pull back these 12 little dogs.” With that said, a streak of shocking power dashed out of Maradona’s body.

This man slightly shook his body in mid-air, and 12 doppelgangers appeared. Each of them had the same strength as Maradona, and they dashed toward Platini’s 12 [Godly Warriors] while creating a series of afterimages in the air.

At this moment, the Continental Martial Saint who was said to be the most powerful human under the stars finally showed his terrifying strength.

Godly King!

All 12 of Maradona’s doppelgangers were godly kings!

The surging chaotic elemental energy showed that Maradona had become a godly king for some years. He already completely merged the five elements into one, achieving the perfect primal chaos. His energy could take any shape and form. It was impossible to find patterns in his moves, and he could unleash world-destroying power.

Fei’s heart lurched a little.

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