Chapter 1192: Using All Killing Methods (Part One)

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A series of godly songs sounded from within Platini’s body.

Many eight-winged battle angels walked out of the gate of light that appeared behind Platini. While swinging their terrifying lightsabres, they rushed over and encircled Fei like a flood.

“Haha! Scumbag! Fight me head-on! Don’t summon these weak toys to shame yourself!” Fei laughed and waved his giant hammer, and these eight-winged battle angels that were capable of low-tier godly-king-level strength fell back and shattered like porcelain dolls.

However, more and more eight-winged battle angels were rushing over.

Fei howled and shot toward Platini.

“God said that all evil will be imprisoned, disappearing under the blades of the godly warriors!” This sentence that contained the mystical laws of nature flowed out of Platini’s mouth.

Fei was dashing forward, but an invisible force suddenly appeared around him, slowing him down.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time, many swords of light, sabers of light, and spears of light struck toward Fei. The eight-winged battle angels used their most powerful strikes and unleashed all kinds of spells and energies of various colors onto Fei.

Engulfed in golden energy flames, a smile appeared on Platini’s face.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, streaks of golden flames appeared in the explosion that took place in the center of the battle angels. Like sharp swords, the flames pierced the eight-winged battle angels that were covered in godly armor. Regardless of how they howled and struggled, they couldn’t get away. Soon, giant holes appeared on their bodies as the flames burned.

Endless golden light beams shone on Fei’s body as he slowly floated up.

“This is useless. Don’t use these tricks to bring shame to yourself.” Like a battle god, Fei looked at his opponent and mocked, “If the Deputy Pope of the Holy Church only has this level of strength, then the battle is about to be over!”

Platini’s expression froze for a second.

The Human Emperor of the North’s strength was far beyond Platini’s estimations and what was shown in the intelligence reports. Platini thought that Fei was only a small character who just broke into the Godly King Realm. However, Fei was already at level 6 Godly King Realm.

“This kid… how did he cultivate?”

In the next moment, Fei and Platini went back to the fierce battle.

Under Platini’s full force, the Scepter of Ragnarok transformed into a fancy and golden dragon lance. Platini used the close-ranged lance technique of the godly kings to the extreme! Even though Fei’s barbarian character was a melee combat master, he couldn’t completely suppress Platini.

Genius! Platini was indeed a rare genius!

On the side, Maradona’s 12 doppelgangers were battling the 12 [Godly Warriors]. Right now, Maradona himself was casually sitting on the green boulder that was transformed from the heart of the goblin supreme god. While crossing his legs, he smoked the cigar and watched.

Regardless of how powerful and destructive the energy surges in this space were, they couldn’t get within 100 meters of him.

On the other side, Valkyrie Elena was covered in a layer of blue magic energy flames, blocking out all residual energy waves. She was watching Fei battle patiently. Due to the deep understanding between the two, Elena knew what Fei wanted and didn’t participate in this battle.

After advancing into the Godly King Realm, these masters’ combat styles had turned to their roots and became extremely simple. The fancy-looking techniques and spells were useless.

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