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Hail the King Chapter 1193.4

Chapter 1193: The Struggle Before Death (Part Four)

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The Human Emperor of the North placed himself in danger and act accordingly, finally killing this ambitious conspirator.

The only thing that Maradona felt pitiful about was that he discovered this goblin supreme god’s corpse too late. Otherwise, he could have stopped this crazy plan, helping hundreds of millions of humans in the Southern Region to avoid the fate of being slaughtered.

The tragedy already struck.

Now that the “beheading” mission was successful, Fei and Maradona only had to use this momentum and clear all the remaining goblins in the Southern Region of Azeroth, wiping out this violent race.

Maradona couldn’t do this on his own. Only a giant force like the Northern Region Empire had the manpower, resources, and energy to complete this mission.

“These 12 [Godly Warriors] are no longer in Platini’s control, and they are puppets. With the powerful magic civilization of the Northern Region Empire, I believe that you can make some modifications and use them. You can take them all.” Maradona was kind and generous.

Fei glanced at these 12 [Godly Warriors] who were all godly kings. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t want them. These were 12 godly-king-level battle machines! With them, the Northern Region Empire could instantly dominate the continent.

However, Fei shook his head in the end.

“These people were all the honorable and loyal protectors of humans. Before they died, they used their lives and souls to guard humans, showing the responsibility and honor of warriors. Now, their souls are being controlled by Platini’s evil spell. I can’t let them continue to be battle machines and not able to rest in peace after death.”

While saying that, Fei raised his hand and shot out 12 streaks of golden holy power.

The golden light beams engulfed the 12 [Godly Warriors] who froze in the air, washing away the evil energy in their bodies and getting rid of the evil black magic that controlled them. Also, the curses and complicated spiritual magic runes were removed.

The mercury-like metal surface on these warriors gradually turned into pieces and fell off, revealing pieces of muscles and bones underneath that were pieced together. There were so many components that it seemed like they were bio-robots.

While being purified by the golden light, the darkened bones and muscles started to return to their normal colors, and a ton of black mist gushed out of these 12 giant bodies before being dissolved in the light.

Then, masses of white light flew out of these [Godly Warriors], releasing a series of spirit energy fluctuations while bathing in the golden light.

“The kind and generous emperor of humans! You released our souls!”

“May the stars bless you!”

“You will be the lord of the continent!”

“We are finally free!”

“Human Emperor, you will receive our purest blessings!”

The masses of white light flew around Fei, and the weak energies turned into many different faces; they were the last marks that these dead human masters left in this world. They were thanking Fei and offering blessings.

Fei was surprised to find that a ton of pure and strong power of faith rushed to him and engulfed him like a flood.

“My Brother, we meet again…” Before Fei, Pato’s face slowly appeared. He was quiet, peaceful, and intimate. It seemed like the tragedy didn’t occur.

Pato smiled and said, “Ever since I fell into darkness, I knew that you, my dear brother, will save me and let my soul rest in peace. I didn’t wait that long; you did it!”

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