Chapter 1194: The Reverse of the Southern Region’s Situation (Part One)

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Today, Fei had to say the forever goodbye to Pato.

Those scenes where they discussed the truth of the world together with their other brothers quickly flashed in Fei’s mind.

“Brother, don’t feel sad for me. I will be in the stars’ embrace and looking at you, Milito, Palacio, and others. I will be watching the land that I love deeply…”

Pato’s image started to dissipate, and his voice faded away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The 12 giant bodies of the [Godly Warriors] fell onto the ground, creating 12 consecutive loud noises. Then, they turned into ashes and completely disappeared in this world.

Thousands of human masters died to protect this land that they loved.

As these masters disappeared, an enormous amount of power of faith rushed to Fei and wrapped around him. Fei had to open his grand godly realm and let these massive streaks of power flow into it continuously.

At this moment, the green light prison that engulfed this space finally disappeared.

Then, the entire space started to shake violently.

At this moment, a series of random surging noises sounded from the dried heart of the goblin supreme god that had transformed into a giant green boulder. All the laws of nature in this space became chaotic.

Many goblins rushed into this space from many entrances around it.

The space inside this corpse fell into chaos without Platini’s control. The power that was controlling the various incubation chambers in this corpse disappeared, and a large number of goblins that were created either rushed to the outside or started to run around in this maze-like space and kill each other. Everything was a mess.

These defective goblins were aggressive, and they killed and devoured each other. It seemed like this process was intensified. More and more powerful goblins were created.

Fei, Elena, and Maradona were humans. As members of a foreign race, they were attacked by these goblins repeatedly.

There were even a few goblin godly kings in the mix.

These goblins were all hidden cards that Platini didn’t get to show. Inside the corpse of this goblin supreme god, Platini created many powerful goblins. Including the goblin godly kings that Fei killed earlier, there were over a dozen goblin godly kings. They should be created by Platini for a specific purpose; perhaps they were related to Platini’s plan of becoming a supreme god himself. Now, everything was meaningless.

With Platini gone, Fei didn’t need to hide his strength. He showed his power and quickly killed all the goblin masters in this space.

A ton of pure core energies was refined by Fei’s golden and silver sword energies of order and got sucked into the grand godly realm. On the side, Maradona watched this and was terrified again. This method of acquiring massive amounts of energy was terrifying.

Fei tried to directly destroy this space inside this goblin supreme god’s corpse, but he soon experienced failure.

Even though it died numerous years ago, and the corpse already dried-up, the bones and muscle fibers of a supreme god weren’t something that Fei could destroy.

Although the Godly King Realm was right under the Supreme God Realm, the difference in strength was beyond words. This was why Platini even decided to let the goblins wipe out all creatures in the Southern Region in order for him to become a supreme god.

With Platini’s death, many things became mysteries.

At least for now, Fei couldn’t decode the secrets in this corpse. Even if Fei could stay in here and kill all the goblins that were being created, he didn’t know how long it would take to deplete this corpse of all its energy.

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