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Hail the King Chapter 1194.2

Chapter 1194: The Reverse of the Southern Region’s Situation (Part Two)

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“Let me think of a way.” Maradona shook his head and said, “Otherwise, this corpse will continue to create more goblins. With more and more goblin masters, perhaps the entire continent will be occupied by these violent creatures.”

“Ok.” Fei nodded and placed one of his arms around Elena’s waist. Then, he summoned the Throne of Creation and jumped onto it with Elena, leaving this place with the space-traveling ability of the throne.

In about four days, the situation on the Azeroth Continent changed drastically.

Under the instigation of the Holy Church, the ancient empires of the Eastern Region such as Sunderland and Everton declared war against the Northern Region Empire. They already sent many troops to the Strait of Naples, getting ready for the war.

At the same time, a massive internal war among humans occurred inside the City of Allianz, one of the two last remaining cities of humans in the Southern Region.

It was heard that the troops of the Holy Church suddenly started to kill the forces in the city that weren’t willing to listen to their commands. The nobles and the Royal Family of the Munich Empire that were displeased by the Holy Church’s dominating behaviors in the city were being executed by the troops of the Holy Church led by Rosario. The entire city was engulfed in white terror; people were being executed on the fire cross by the Holy Church at all times.

Also, some people stated that Deputy Pope Platini made appearances in the City of Allianz.

Therefore, most of the human forces had to endure all this and be bullied by the Holy Church.

However, on the third day, the situation inside the City of Allianz turned around. The masters of the Northern Region Empire who somehow got into the city started to sneak-attack the forces of the Holy Church, Barcelona, and Juventus.

The skillful assassins of [Dark Palace], the assassin organization of the Northern Region Empire, quietly took the lives of more than 40 percent of the masters of the Holy Church in the city.

Hazel Bank, the No.1 Master of [Dark Palace], appeared and killed the god-level masters of the Holy Church such as Rosario, completely crushing the confidence of the three forces.

In terms of top-tier masters, the Northern Region Empire that was well-prepared was at the advantage.

Except for the assassins of [Dark Palace] and more than 100 silver crystal battle soul warriors, eight out of the 12 Gold Saints of the Northern Region Empire who had disappeared for a long time showed themselves. Their strength skyrocketed and entered the Demi-God Realm. Together with their golden armor, they were unstoppable gods!

During this, the legendary Deputy Pope Platini didn’t appear.

This was one of the main reasons why the Holy Church got defeated in the City of Allianz.

The spies of the Northern Region Empire suddenly appeared in the city and started to spread the news that Platini was killed by Human Emperor Alexander of the North.

In the beginning, the members of the Holy Church didn’t take it seriously. They expected this legendary genius warrior of the Holy Church to appear and turn the tables.

However, as the gods of the Holy Church died one after another, Platini still didn’t show up. Those statements that they regarded as rumors completely crushed their hope.

Under such a momentum, the human forces that were suppressed by the Holy Church started to jump ships and stood with the Northern Region Empire.

In just one night, the City of Allianz that the Holy Church managed for half a month transferred ownership.

The entire continent was shocked.

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