Chapter 1195: The Corruption of the Holy Church (Part One)

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The change of ownership of the City of Allianz had an unmeasurable impact on the situation of the continent.

In the Southern Region, the Holy Church and the Northern Region Empire faced off each other. Many people saw this as the first official battle between these two giant forces on the continent, and they expected this to last a long time. Especially with the appearance of the Human Emperor of the North and Deputy Pope Platini, the hype around this matter reached the climax.

It was rumored that Platini came to the Southern Region with many masters of the Holy Church and hidden cards to ambush and kill the Human Emperor of the North.

However, in the Battle at the City of Allianz, all the known masters of the Holy Church were killed, yet Platini didn’t show himself.

Although rumors stated that Platini was dead, and they were passed around in the City of Allianz, demoralizing the troops of the Holy Church, many people believed that Platini wasn’t dead.

Also, since the Human Emperor of the North didn’t appear, people wanted to believe that the battle between these two magnates wasn’t over, and they didn’t appear due to the fact that they were in a stalemate.

People were wondering about where this battlefield between the two was, and they waited for the result of the battle.

To some degree, the change of ownership of the City of Allianz wasn’t that significant. The thing that would truly determine the fate of the Southern Region was the battle between the Human Emperor of the North and Deputy Pope Platini. A godly king could block millions upon millions of elite soldiers.

While most people were looking at the Southern Region, shocking changes occurred at the Strait of Naples, the border between the Northern Region and the Central Region as well as the battlefield between the Northern Regional Empire and the Holy Church.

No one expected this!

The little over a dozen ancient empires of the Eastern Region such as Sunderland and Everton suddenly switched sides! These empires’ elite troops got to the Strait of Naples a day ago, and they declared that they would never make peace with the Northern Region Empire. However, they suddenly attacked the troops of the Holy Church, Barcelona, and Juventus.

This was clearly a trap set up by the Northern Region Empire.

The Holy Church and its two affiliated empires didn’t anticipate this at all. They were taken by surprise. Under the joint attack of the troops of the Northern Region Empire and the alliance troops of the Eastern Region, they lost millions of soldiers and had to back away for tens of thousands of kilometers.

In this battle, the Godly Execution Knight Legion that was once invincible got crushed. The silver-haired and grey-eyed Legion Commander Atkinson got nailed into the ground by [Golden Lion] Lampard, dying in the battle.

Close to 10,000 core godly execution knights died in the battle, and more than 50,000 soldiers were captured. The legion was destroyed and obliterated.

At the same time, Head Commander Quagliarella of Juventus also died on the frontline.

Head Commander Pique of Barcelona was severely injured and fainted, and his subordinates risked their lives and dragged him out. It was unknown whether he was still alive or not.

After this battle, the Northern Region Empire took complete control of the Strait of Naples, and its reach extended into the Central Region. Then, it unleashed a series of raids, and the Holy Church, Barcelona, and Juventus couldn’t defend at all.

In just four days, a large stretch of the land in the Central Region was lost to the Northern Region Empire, and more than half of the territory of the former Inter Milan Empire got claimed.

The Northern Region Empire won the battle beautifully.

The core to the victory was the sudden change of attitude of the alliance troops of the Eastern Region.

Under the accusations of some people on the side of the Holy Church, the alliance troops of the Eastern Region revealed the truth to the continent.

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