Chapter 1195: The Corruption of the Holy Church (Part Two)

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People like Johnson and Fellaini who the Holy Church said were killed by the Northern Region Empire suddenly appeared, and they clarified what had happened to them.

They stated that in reality, it was the Holy Church that tried to kill them, and the Northern Region Empire, which was the murderer in the Holy Church’s story, was the savior that dragged them out of death.

With physical evidence and witnesses, all the mysteries were solved.

The entire continent was shocked.

No one expected that the Holy Church which promoted generosity, justice, and fairness was so despicable. It presented itself as the representative of the gods, yet it was so vicious.

The denouncement took the Holy Church by surprise.

For a moment, all forces on the continent were accusing the Holy Church of wrongdoings, and it was bearing a ton of pressure.

Under some forces’ intentional and unintentional instigations, there were many cases where people smashed the churches and kicked out members of the Holy Church from the Eastern Region, the Western Region, and the Northern Region. The priests who were once welcomed by low-level civilians were hated, and the godly knights who were looked up to by many hot-blooded and passionate young people got pushed off their pedestals.

In comparison, the fame and reputation of the Northern Region Empire and the Human Emperor of the North continued to rise.

Such a huge change completely messed up the power dynamics on the continent.

As time passed by, the result of the battle between the Human Emperor of the North and Deputy Pope Platini, which many people looked forward to hearing, still didn’t get officially announced. No one in public knew where these two magnates who could change the fate of the continent went. It seemed like they disappeared.

Surprising to most people, the Holy Church tried to clear its name and shift the blame in the beginning, but it gradually gave up on that. Instead of aggressively counterattacking the Northern Region Empire, the Holy Church started to pull back and tighten its current influence and control of territories.

Soon, many rumors appeared. It was heard that internal conflicts broke out inside the Holy Church, and many shrines fought with each other to obtain more power. Fights were taking place in the Holy Church’s headquarters, Sicily Island, and blood formed rivers.

These turns of events stunned numerous people.

No one expected that this giant force that dominated the continent for more than 1,000 years would decay at such a speed. Under the pressure of the Northern Region Empire, the new rising star, it started to collapse and fade away.

During this time, the Northern Region Empire gradually stopped all its military operations against the Holy Church.

The Southern Region of Azeroth became the focus of the Northern Region Empire.

With the flow of time, many troops of the Northern Region Empire moved into the Southern Region and battled the goblins, obtaining the advantage.

After organizing a few threatening counterattacks, the goblins fell into an unstoppable downward momentum. Also, for some unknown reason, the population of the goblins gradually stopped increasing.

When the war reached the three-month mark, the number of goblins started to decrease, and these murderous creatures’ proud goblin-sea-attack stopped being effective.

With the additional help from the powerful empires in the Eastern Region, the situation in the Southern Region started to look good for humans. The goblins were defeated repeatedly, and they had to retreat and lose their territories.

In the end, tens of millions of goblins were pushed back onto the highland that was the southernmost point of the continent.

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