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Hail the King Chapter 1196.1

Chapter 1196: The Period of Shocking Change (Part One)

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After killing Platini, Fei didn’t show himself on the continent. He didn’t even appear in the City of Iduna to create the illusion that he was still fighting with Platini and couldn’t do anything else.

That was how the Holy Church’s forces in the City of Allianz got fooled, and the Northern Region Empire claimed the city in a short time.

People like Johnson who Fei saved earlier were hidden cards, and they created a huge impact. Johnson and other supreme masters of the Eastern Region hid in the forests on Ruhr Mountains with their troops. With Fei’s godly power around them to achieve the perfect stealth, the goblins weren’t able to discover them and report back to Platini and his henchmen.

When the expeditionary troops of empires such as Everton and Sunderland arrived at the Strait of Naples, supreme masters including Johnson and Fellaini sneaked into the campsites and reported the situation to the various troops, easily making the empires change their attitude and jump ships.

With the alliance forces of the Eastern Region’s help, Strategist Aryang created a series of delicate plans, allowing the Northern Region Empire to strike the weakness of the Holy Church and obtain the victory.

Using the victorious momentum, the Northern Region Empire took control of the Strait of Naples and even counter invaded into the Central Region.

In two consecutive battles, the Northern Region Empire won with style and fashion.

At this moment, many people were still waiting for the result of the battle between the Human Emperor of the North and Deputy Pope Platini. They had no idea that this legendary Deputy Pope of the Holy Church had died about a month ago.

In the last month or so, Fei stayed in the Godly King Place in Sky City, trying to digest the fruit of that battle.

The biggest reward that Fei obtained was the pure Holy Power that belonged to Platini. The power that was close to peak level 8 Godly King Realm was insane! In terms of quality and quantity, this was the best energy that Fei had absorbed since he obtained control of the grand godly realm and the Scepter of Creation.

With the grand godly realm and the Scepter of Creation, Fei felt like he obtained one of the famous techniques in the traditional wuxia novels named the Star-Sucking Technique. By taking the cultivation strength of his opponents, Fei could obtain an endless amount of energy! It was an extremely efficient shortcut!

After spending a full month, Fei finally completely refined and absorbed Platini’s power, merging it with the grand godly realm.

At this moment, Fei’s degree of fusion with the grand godly realm had reached over 50 percent. In terms of individual combat strength, he was beyond level 9 Godly King Realm. He was approaching the top-tier level 10 Godly King Realm.

This was an unimaginable leap!

More importantly, this wasn’t the end of this cultivation for Fei.

After killing Platini, Fei also destroyed more than 20 goblin godly kings in the Goblin Realm, sucking their core energies into the grand godly realm. Right now, their core energies were hovering in the sky of the grand godly realm like many eye-piercing suns.

Although these masses of core energies weren’t as abundant and pure as that of Platini, they were godly-king-level core energies after all. They were precious resources in Fei’s eyes.

After another month, Fei refined and devoured these over 20 masses of core energies of goblin godly kings.

Now, Fei’s degree of fusion with the grand godly realm reached 56 percent, almost reaching peak level 10 Godly King Realm.

As long as the emperor could move forward one more step, he would reach peak level 10 Godly King Realm, meaning that one of his feet would be inside the Supreme God Realm.

After absorbing those masses of core energies, Fei didn’t hurry and end his cultivation.

The emperor started to consume the massive amount of power of faith that was coming to him from all over the continent. By transforming the power of faith, he strengthened the foundation between him and the grand godly realm. At the same time, he studied [Demon King’s Sword], trying to completely comprehend all the techniques and skills in it before creating the unique Martial Dao and Warrior Path for himself.

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