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Hail the King Chapter 1196.2

Chapter 1196: The Period of Shocking Change (Part Two)

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As the fame of the Northern Region Empire grew, Fei’s reputation on the continent reached an unimaginable level.

In this era full of tragedies and catastrophes, more and more civilians turned to believe Fei. Besides, Fei inherited a ton of power of faith from Pato and other masters who were turned into those 12 [Godly Warriors] after he purified them. Right now, Fei was wrapped in endless power of faith all the time.

The good thing was that the power of faith was invisible and intangible, and others couldn’t detect it. Otherwise, Fei couldn’t go anywhere.

At the same time, since rumors stated that internal conflicts were taking place at the headquarters of the Holy Church, Fei ordered the Northern Region Empire to stop attacking it.

That prophecy about the destruction of the world had been weighing on Fei’s mind for a long time now.

In fact, the goblins and the Holy Church weren’t the most terrifying enemies in Fei’s eyes.

The real enemies were those world-destroying devils who were sleeping somewhere. The legends and prophecies said that these devils treated the Azeroth Continent as a farm and a hunting ground. It was hard to say when these devils were going to wake up. The last Mythical Era was destroyed by these outlanders, and the Human Era probably couldn’t escape the same tragic fate.

With this external factor being present, Fei didn’t want a full-on internal war among humans.

Although the Holy Church was at the disadvantage, it was still powerful with many hidden cards. As the saying goes, a camel that died of hunger is still bigger than a horse.

If the Northern Region Empire wanted to destroy this giant force, they would have to pay an exorbitant price. In the end, the Northern Region Empire would be weakened after the war, and the overall strength of humans would be greatly reduced, unable to defend against those devils from another dimension who were hiding in the dark and staring at Azeroth with preying eyes.

Therefore, when the news about the internal conflicts in the Holy Church got out, Fei stopped all military operations against it. He didn’t want to pressure the Holy Church too much and make the fragmented internal forces unite again.

The best-case scenario would be a new force outcompeting the older shrines in the Holy Church. That way, the Northern Region Empire would be able to negotiate with the Holy Church.

Fei sat in his godly palace and watched the situation on the continent to develop further.

Just like this, about half a year passed with not much happening.

In this half a year, the goblins in the Southern Region were finally wiped out. These murderous creatures were killed off by angry humans. The more than 100 million goblins were forced to jump into the Sea of Mist to the south of the Southern Region, being killed and turned into dust.

The only drawback was that the human troops didn’t discover the legendary Goblin Realm, so they couldn’t be sure if more goblins were hiding in there.

The Southern Region returned to the embrace of humans.

The Northern Region Empire took the leadership position in this operation, and the ten Gold Saints including Robbin, Drogba, Pierce, Oleg, Dessler, and Jessie showed their strength as demi-gods and established themselves as supreme masters.

Before this, they were locked inside Sky City by Fei for an entire year. With the mystical boost coming from this miraculous city and other supporting methods, they were able to achieve many breakthroughs and experience many increases in their strength. Now, they were worthy of the title [The Most Powerful Golden Warriors Under the Human Emperor of the North’s Command].

All the efforts and energy that Fei poured into them weren’t wasted.

Except for Elf King Akinfeev who was still hiding in the dark, the other 11 Gold Saints all became supreme masters who were in the spotlight.

The Southern Region was re-divided.

The Northern Region Empire got the most benefits. Then, the other empires and forces such as the Elf Clan and the Dwarf-Gnome Alliance that helped in the war against the goblins were all rewarded.

Of course, the Holy Church, Juventus, and Barcelona weren’t included.

Everything seemed to be moving in a positive direction.

It seemed like humans who experienced a massive race-ending catastrophe got through the tough times.

At this moment, a piece of shocking news came from Sicily Island, the headquarters of the Holy Church.

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