Chapter 1197: The Meeting of the Century (Part One)

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Suddenly, news broke out on the continent. Officials stories stated that Deputy Pope Platini of the Holy Church died in the battle with the Human Emperor of the North about three to four months ago.

The world was shocked by this news.

In the beginning, some people were still doubtful of this.

However, with many pieces of evidence and the disappearance of Platini, people started to accept this news.

Then, Continental Martial Saint Maradona who was always mysterious and unseen made a rare appearance, confirming the validity of this news. Also, he revealed another terrifying truth that people couldn’t imagine!

The catastrophe caused by goblins in the Southern Region was created by this Deputy Pope who had fallen.

Like a small stone that hit the calm surface of a lake, this news created many waves and surges of discussion.

Such news was unheard of! The goblins had appeared for more than a year, and they almost killed all humans in the Southern Region, committing unforgivable sins.

Now, people learned that the Deputy Pope of the Holy Church, which was supposed to represent justice and honor, was behind all this!

If this news didn’t come from a reputable and influential figure like Maradona, no one would believe it.

This time, Maradona even provided everyone with hard evidence, a divy crystal that recorded everything about the Goblin Realm and the battle between the Human Emperor of the North and Platini. The influential figures of various human forces got to see it, and they confirmed that it wasn’t faked.

In the end, the various empires came together and revealed the information to all humans on the continent.

For a moment, the Holy Church that used to represent justice was becoming demonized.

Faith was destroyed.

Many churches were smashed, and many members of the Holy Church were expelled by many empires.

The entire continent was dominated by the voice that denounced the Holy Church, and it seemed like all other human forces were trying to push down the wall named the Holy Church.

In comparison, the Human Emperor of the North was seen as the Saint Emperor who saved all humans in the Southern Region. His unparalleled strength and righteous image made him the new idol to many people.

The principles and codes of conduct the [Black-Cloth Shrine] of the Northern Region Empire started to spread on the continent in an unstoppable manner. There was now a faith vacuum with the Holy Church denounced, and the [Black-Cloth Shrine] that was supported by the Human Emperor of the North quickly spread to many places. More and more people, including nobles and civilians, started to side with the Northern Region Empire. With so many people believing in the principles and codes of conduct of the [Black-Cloth Shrine], Fei garnished a ton of power of faith non-stop.

Faced with such an unprecedented situation, the Holy Church didn’t try to explain anything and counterattack, which was surprising to many.

Looking from the outside, it seemed like the Holy Church was still experiencing internal conflicts and couldn’t be bothered with these things happening on the outside.

Under such an atmosphere, another month quickly passed by.

The Southern Region that was recovered was poor and impoverished after the goblins’ abuse and overexploitation.

However, a ton of ownerless land attracted many people. The Northern Region Empire and many other empires and forces that had new territories in the Southern Region drafted many creative and openminded population policies and implemented various incentives and rewards, allowing the Southern Region to quickly recover some of its vitality.

At this moment, the silent Holy Church suddenly made a surprising announcement to the outside world.

The Pope of the Holy Church announced to the entire continent that he was inviting the Human Emperor of the North to a meeting at the former Capital of Inter Milan, the City of San Siro. The meeting would be about the relationship between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church, and Continental Martial Saint Maradona was also invited as a witness.

This news instantly attracted numerous people’s attention.

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