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Hail the King Chapter 1198.1

Chapter 1198: The Meeting of the Century (2) (Part One)

[TL Note: This is a three-parter.]

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While these masters chatted among themselves, a streak of mystical power suddenly appeared above the City of San Siro.

Like a knife, this power cut away one-third of the Holy Power that the flying godly palace of the Holy Church was emitting.

A mass of flames appeared on the other side of the sky, and a figure could be vaguely seen inside it.

Many people in the area were shocked. This figure was Continental Martial Saint Maradona who had been extremely mysterious in the last 1,000 years.

The masters who were observing in the sky all started to chat again.

“The Continental Martial Saint finally appeared! Unfortunately, I can’t see him clearly.”

“For the last 1,000 years, he is the most powerful human under the stars. He is the most powerful man in the world without a doubt! The only figure who is never afraid of the Holy Church, and the Holy Church can’t do anything about it. Now, under the light of the Human Emperor of the North, will the Continental Martial Saint still be the most powerful?”

“It is hard to say. The Human Emperor of the North even killed Platini. Who knows what realm he is in! The younger ones are scarier!”

“Which side do you think the Continental Martial Saint will take?”

“Why are you even asking? With the Human Emperor of the North for sure! The Continental Martial Saint exposed the scandal involving Deputy Bishop Platini, and he even had the divy crystal which contained Platini’s last few moments. It is clear that the Continental Martial Saint and the Human Emperor of the North have secret relationships.”

“That isn’t for sure. If the Continental Martial Saint is standing on the side of the Northern Region Empire, would Pope Blatter invite him here as a witness? Is the Pope stupid? If the Human Emperor of the North and the Continental Martial Saint work together, perhaps they can even kill the Pope today!”

The people chatted and held their own opinions, making many guesses.

If these masters were anywhere else, they would be god-like existences, knowing many secrets that were mysterious to others.

However, today, they were no different from the women who like to gossip in grocery markets. They were only ordinary viewers this time.

While they chatted, a huge shadow suddenly appeared to the northeast of the City of San Siro.

A series of ripples appeared in the sky, looking as if an invisible curtain was slowly pulled open.

In the next second, a giant and magnificent godly city that should only exist in legends appeared in the empty sky. It slowly revealed its graceful form in style.

This was a great city that couldn’t be described with words.

All praises and comments would be meaningless for this city.

When this giant city slowly turned from invisible to visible, everyone was so stunned that their minds turned blank for several seconds, including the millions of soldiers who were stationed around the City of San Siro on both sides, the masters who were observing this historical moment, and the masters of the Holy Church in the sky.

This was a terrifying city! It shouldn’t exist in the mortal world!

Compared to this giant silver city, the flying godly palace of the Holy Church looked like a toy for kids. The flying godly palace which was a great treasure looked like trash at this moment.

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