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Hail the King Chapter 1198.3

Chapter 1198: The Meeting of the Century (2) (Part Three)

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This was the first time that many people other than the high-level officials of the Holy Church saw the Pope. Although his face was covered in the golden mask, his appearance revealed enough information. He wasn’t a muscular man. In fact, he looked a little thin, just like an ordinary person.

However, the fluttering long white hair behind the mask seemed to be trying to prove to others that the face behind the mask was ancient enough.

This man didn’t have the overbearing heroic temperament that many people had imagined.

Also, this man didn’t seem to have a terrifying power that could destroy the world.

This Pope made others feel like he was only an ordinary master, an ordinary senior.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little sluggish at this moment.

The three main characters in today’s meeting stood above the City of San Siro, but none of them talked. In this silent and suffocating atmosphere, they observed each other.

Others couldn’t guess what these three men, who were the most powerful and influential figures on the continent, were thinking about. People seemed to be able to hear their own heartbeats in this deadly silence.

It felt like the entire continent stopped breathing and paused its pulses at this second.

“Alexander…” It sounded like a sigh.

Finally, the initiator of this meeting, the Pope of the Holy Church, finally broke the silence.

His voice gave others an ancient feeling just like his white hair. His voice clearly sounded in the ears of everyone within hundreds of kilometers, “To be honest, it is hard to believe that I would meet and talk with a young man like this one day.”

Fei smiled and stood up from the Throne of Creation. Then, he replied, “What? After getting used to others kneeling and crawling before you, you are no longer used to standing up and talking to others?”

“Young man, I can hear the mockery and displeasure in your voice.” The Pope was calm. “Can I interpret it as that your impression of the Holy Church is terrible?”

Fei nodded without hesitation.

The Pope sighed and said lightly, “To be honest, the current Holy Church sure is disappointing, isn’t it?”

A strange smile appeared on Fei’s face as he said, “It depends on what you are referring to.”

“Of course, I’m not talking about the Holy Church’s current situation.” It seemed like the Pope was reflecting on the actions of the Holy Church. “The Holy Church is terrible. Not sure when, but it started to turn into something else. It lost the principles, deviated from the core message, and started to rot and corrupt.”

Everyone was shocked to hear this.

It was hard to believe that this came from the supreme Pope of the Holy Church.

In the last 400 to 500 years, such words were taboos on the continent. Regardless of who and where they were, the people who said these words were captured by the vicious masters of the Execution Department of the Holy Church, and they were burned alive on the Fire Cross on the Holy Mountain at Sicily Island.

However, these words came from the person who should be the last one to say them.

Fei re-observed this Pope in a new light and asked, “Is this the fake sentimental speech before the Holy Church loses everything? Or is this the repentance coming from a wise man and a subject of the gods for the crimes that he has committed?”

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