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Hail the King Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Really Dead?

“Ah? Come on madam, just go and kill the princess. Why are you holding a grudge against me?” Fei thought in his mind. He really wanted to say it to this crazy Paris. He thought this woman’s real mission was to kill the eldest princess, so why would she come and mess with his woman.

“Let Angela go. I will swear with a king’s honour to not get involved with your business.”

Fei stared at Paris’ flirtatious eyes and then stated his offer.

It was obvious that this woman didn’t hold Angela purely for the grudge. This mission of assassinating the eldest princess took a long time to prepare and refine, but Fei who was equivalent to a four-star warrior popped out of nowhere near the execution date. In other words, Fei’s improvement speed was so fast that it outpaced Paris’ ability to deal with the change. There was no record of anyone advancing to a four-star ranking from three-stars in a matter of few days.

If this happened in any other situation, only a four-star warrior would not be enough to grab Paris’ attention. However, in this case, she had to do so.

In this assassination mission, both parties, Tanasha and Paris, were battling on an iron string above ground. They had to carefully calculate every step and every possible factor. Before the Coronation Ceremony, both of them reviewed their own plans and thought of every possibility that may destroy their strategies. The two smartest women from Petersburg knew that in this dangerous battle, any small change could instantly change the outcome. It was like dancing on knives; any failure would result in immediate death.

The background to this mission was quite simple.

Using the Chambord Coronation Ceremony as an opportunity, eldest princess Tanasha used herself as the bait to attract the attention of the evil Paris, and Paris immediately sensed Tanasha’s intention and planned accordingly to Tanasha’s plans. The two most famous women in the capital of Zenit Empire wanted to use this opportunity to kill each other and increase the chance of the men who they each supported to get the throne in the future. Due to the time constraint, this would likely be the last match; the winner takes all. From the numerous battles they had, they already had a great understanding of each other’s power, abilities and resources. At the beginning, both were at a subtle balance. It was like they were playing cards and they had similar hands. But if one party suddenly got an Ace out of nowhere, then the result would be obvious.

To be able to fight with Tanasha who was nicknamed the Goddess of Intelligence, Paris wasn’t just a pretty girl. Instead, she was quite smart and moved with calculated steps.

When she appeared on the King’s Altar, she was able to push Fei’s emotions and figure out his weakness in a few sentences – the only way to control Fei, the person who she and Tanasha didn’t take into account, was through controlling this girl called Angela.

Therefore, when their side attacked, she didn’t attack the eldest princess, but surprisingly chose Angela who was defenseless.

Paris succeeded.

At least from the look of things, she had complete control over this fight. She used minimal resources and restrained this unexpected “change”. King Alexander had not helped the eldest prince out too much in this fight.  As time passed by, the balance was slowly tilting towards the assassin’s side.

This was a scary woman.

Fei just vaguely understood Paris’s intentions.

Therefore, he spoke and stated his positions.

However –

“Hehe, little king, if I don’t let her go, you still can’t help Tanasha out. Why would I let her go? Just because you said so?” Paris was a little surprised. She didn’t expect the king to sense her intentions this quick. However, no matter what happened, she wouldn’t let Angela go. Instead of trusting those promises and oaths, Paris who had experienced many dark sides of humans preferred complete control in her own hands.

Paris’ answer took Fei by surprise as well. He thought she would at least consider his proposal.

The current situation was bad for both the eldest princess and Fei. It could be said that they were on the same boat. If the assassins killed all the star warriors on the eldest princess’ side, then Fei would not survive this as well.

Fei frowned.

“Alexander…… At this moment, Angela who was quiet suddenly spoke. Her voice was so calm that it was scary. “Listen to me, Alexander. If you can, please kill this woman and get revenge for me and Emma……” After that, a stream of blood started to slide off of the edge of her mouth. Her beautiful neck lost all strength and her head lowered softly. Her body collapsed in Paris’ arm; a beautiful girl stopped breathing and passed away in the bright sunlight.


Fei roared as he felt like his heart was ripped in half. He stomped on the ground and his body shot out like a cannon as the ground under his feet caved inward. The purple and green dual swords turned into a blade storm and moved toward Paris crazily. The intent was clear, die!

Paris was shocked. She didn’t think that the girl in her arms was so determinate and would commit suicide by biting her own tongue. Although she was a little suspicious, after feeling the heart in the girl’s body stop beating, she felt something indescribable as a female. She sighed and lightly pushed Angela’s body toward Fei.

“I will return her body…… I didn’t plan to kill her.”

Paris’ shook her body and she disappeared from the spot, but her words got into Fei’s ear clearly. It was rare for this cruel and dominating woman to explain herself; this might be an exception for her as well.

Fei put away the dual swords and hugged his lover’s body.

“Blacky!!” Fei yelled.

“Bark, bark, bark, bark!!”

A loud barking noise broke the tragic howling atmosphere at the peak of East Mountain. Under the surprising stare of many people, an enormous black dog rushed to Fei’s side. Fei placed Angela’s corpse on the dog’s back, and the dog barked back and quickly turned into a black tornado and disappeared from the peak of East Mountain after Fei patted it on the head.


After seeing Blacky carry Angela off the mountain, Fei felt a bit less restrained. He turned around and glanced at the people who were still fighting. After locating the two yellow-bladed assassins who were massacring Zenit’s cavalries, he jumped up as he summoned his dual swords and chopped down with full force.


A loud noise resonated on the battlefield and dust was sent into the air. The two assassins didn’t have the chance to dodge the attack. All they were able to do was block it with their blades. They immediately felt an unstoppable force coming off of the collision. Their knees were not able to handle it, and they were forced to kneel to counter this force. The result was shocking; the lower half of their bodies looked like they were nailed into the hard ground. Blood spurt out of their mouths as if it was water.

After the attack started, Fei didn’t stop. He didn’t hold back his force and moved with his murderous intent.

He aimed his kicks at the two assassins who had not gotten up yet in the chest. The kicks were so fast that it broke through the air, and the sound was so loud that the two assassins knew that they would not survive if the kicks landed. In extreme fear, the two of them positioned their blades in front of themselves to protect the vital spots around their chests. However, Fei’s great force kicked them out of the ground, and they flew off the broken King’s Altar.

“Get the f*ck out!”

After kicking away the two assassins, Fei forcefully stomped the altar, and numerous cracks appeared under his feet like a huge spider web. The mostly destroyed whole altar started to shake. The huge force that Fei applied to it went through the structure and was sent into the ground

The next second, the orange-yellowish energy flame flashed. The earth-attributed star warrior who was hiding underground and sneak attacking people screamed as he rushed out of the ground. Fei’s stomp was very on point. The force directly hit him under the ground and almost instantly killed him. He had almost lost his ability to fight, and he was just running away…….

Unbelievable Strength!

Unimaginable performance!

The eldest princess who was under the cavalries’ protection was shocked by this scene as well.

Fei who was extremely enraged had demonstrated an unbelievable fighting ability. The physical strength of a level 21 Barbarian was fully utilized. Powerful strength could demolish all tactics and techniques. When faced with this level of brute force, the star warriors didn’t even have time to use their energy techniques and show off their skills. They were severely injured and had to back off.

In an instant, three assassins had lost their strength and were no longer threats.

The situation on the battlefield changed drastically.

Paris initially joined the assassin who used a sword and fought with the purple dressed girl. They tried to get through the girl’s purple flames and get to the eldest princess. But after seeing this scene, an angry and anxious expression appeared on her beautiful face. She ditched the purple-dressed girl and aimed her attacks at Fei.

The green energy that was visible in her hands was pushed out; her movements were so soft that it looked like she was reaching out to her lover. But the energy immediately transformed into a gigantic green bird. It opened it wings, cried loudly and flew toward Fei. Its wide wings were as sharp as knives. With craze in its eyes, it covered the sunlight and dashed toward Fei.

The path that the gigantic gird took was completely destroyed. The ground was cracked, and the corpses were blown into the air.

Fei laughed with a crazy expression.

He used both Barbarian Skills -【Bash】 and 【Double Swing】 at the same time, and his purple and green dual swords turned into a blade storm and went head to head with the gigantic green bird.

Finally, the bird and the purple green dual sword collided.


The whole mountain started to shake from this collision.

The huge impact created an air wave, and it swept through the peak of East Mountain, and people who were close got blown away like weeds. Not a single person was able to remain standing till under this strong pressure. Chipped stones, dust, blood, and weapons spun in the air and created a strange tornado. In a radius of 10 yards from where Fei and Paris stood, everything seemed to gradually decompose and turn into debris.

It was a beautiful, breathtaking storm.

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