Chapter 1200: A Legendary Figure (Part One)

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“Take off your mask. I’m curious as to what secret is hiding behind the mask.” Fei stared at this person who showed up in front of him with the Scepter of Ragnarok and appeared to be the Pope of the Holy Church, and he demanded in an unquestionable tone.

At this moment, everyone was staring at this person.

Under everyone’s gaze, the golden mask was slowly lifted.

Everyone held onto their breaths.

The face that appeared before everyone was ordinary. It looked old with many wrinkles, and his sparse white long hair looked a bit messy even though it seemed like it was taken care of. Perhaps he hadn’t seen the sun for a long time, his skin was shockingly pale, which was a color that shouldn’t appear on a living person. Also, the veins on the two sides of his thin and dry-looking neck turned black.

If Blatter made others feel like he was going to be blown onto the ground by the wind, this old man was like a sand sculpture. It felt like if the wind blew at him, he would turn into millions of fine particles and collapse before everything before dispersing into the air.

Fei smelled a trace of rotten odor from this ancient body.

It was clear that this old man was an ancient existence. Even though he was a godly king, his godly power wasn’t able to help him maintain the youthful look, and it was only able to save his life.

From this perspective, it seemed like this old man had lived for more than 1,000 years!

He was an old monster.

However, it was clear that the people here didn’t instantly recognize this face.

The masters who were watching this from afar all looked puzzled. Blatter was still young enough for some of them to remember, but this man was so ancient that he was beyond their memories, and perhaps he had experienced decay before these people were born.

As to Fei? He only came to the Azeroth Continent for a few years; there was no way that he could recognize this ancient man.

However, a confused expression appeared on Batistuta’s face.

Although he couldn’t tell who this man was from the latter’s appearance, the presence of the energy that was circulating around this old man and fighting against death and decay made him have a sense of familiarity from a long, long time ago.

“Child, don’t you recognize me?” The new Pope smiled and looked at Batistuta.

Like a thunderbolt, these worlds instantly unlocked Batistuta’s ancient memories that were sealed away from for numerous years.

As if a streak of sunlight shined into his heart, he said in shock, “You are… Holiness Stabila? Old Bishop? Oh god! How is this possible? Didn’t you…” Batistuta fell into total panic.

When he said the name ‘Stabila’, it was foreign to almost everyone here. However, like a streak of light, it made Fei recall someone from the books that he had read.

Stabila! This was an ancient name!

This name represented unparalleled glory 700 to 800 years ago! This man controlled the biggest force on the continent, was worshipped by almost every human, and had numerous believers. Glory and light were the two words that could best describe him.

He was once the Pope of the Holy Church, the man who controlled the church before Blatter.

He was also once the Bishop of the [Black-Cloth Shrine], the shrine that had an absolute advantage among all shrines at that time. His work was later named the [Code of God] and became the core principle of the Holy Church.

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