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Hail the King Chapter 1200.2

Chapter 1200: A Legendary Figure (Part Two)

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Due to the sudden disappearance of this man, the Holy Church fell into a state of internal conflicts, and the [Black-Cloth Shrine] decayed, getting squeezed out of the core of the Holy Church and almost completely collapsed.

The disappearance of Stabila led to the rise of Blatter and the betrayal of Platini.

That period of glory fell into the long river of time and got permanently sealed into history.

Due to new Pope Blatter’s suppression and the decay of the [Black-Cloth Shrine], the name ‘Stabila’ that should have left a significant mark in the history of the Holy Church soon disappeared in books and records, completely forgotten by the younger generations.

Also, Stabila’s sudden disappearance was the most unimaginable mystery in the history of the Holy Church.

After all, right before Stabila disappeared, he had control over the Holy Church and was in his prime as the No.1 Master of the church. Also, he had the god-tier weapon of the Holy Church in his hand, and no one on the continent was able to block his sharp strikes. Unless he committed suicide, no one in the world could kill him!

Unexpected to everyone, this old man who should have returned to the embrace of the stars reappeared in the mortal world after about 800 years.

“Could it be that the internal conflicts which took place inside the Holy Church in the last half a year are caused by Stabila’s return to Sicily Island? Getting back the control of the Holy Church from Blatter? Could it be that Stabila’s disappearance is related to Blatter who took over? Did he get sneak-attacked by Blatter?”

After thinking for a while, this seemed to be the most reasonable explanation.

“About 800 years have passed. I didn’t think that there is still someone in the world who recognizes me. I still remember that you were a little kid about 800 years ago.” Stabila looked at Batistuta with a smile and said feelingly.

“It is… really you?” Batistuta couldn’t hold back his emotions, and he rushed to Stabila and knelt with tears in his eyes.

Back then, he was indeed a child who was about eight years old, and he was one of the boys in the [Black-Cloth Shrine]’s choir. With his great talent in cultivating the Holy Power, he was praised by many. As the Pope of the Holy Church, Stabila had given Batistuta many ‘head-patting blessings’.

In Batistuta’s memories, Stabila was a kind and gentle pope. This old man would often take time out of his busy schedule and sing the holy songs with the kids in the choir, tell them the ancient stories, and teach them how to cultivate.

Many children in the choir saw this easy-going pope as their grandpa.

After Stabila disappeared, Batistuta was greatly saddened, and he cried in secret many times.

Due to the respect and admiration that Batistuta had toward this old pope, he declined the offers from other shrines and joined the [Black-Cloth Shrine]. Regardless of how terrible the condition was for the [Black-Cloth Shrine], he tried his best to support it and make it last.

The [Black-Cloth Shrine] that was on the verge of collapse finally went on the road of redemption after Fei appeared.

Batistuta never imagined that the man who he admired the most would appear in front of him.

Due to the thrill and excitement, Batistuta, a great figure of the Northern Region Empire who reached the god-level, cried unstoppably.

At this moment, under some experienced and wise masters’ reminders, the masters in the area finally realized what was going on.

This change was shocking!

The old Pope of the Holy Church who disappeared for 800 years came back alive? What did this mean?

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