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Hail the King Chapter 1201.1

Chapter 1201: Secret (Part One)

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What did this mean for the Holy Church and the Azeroth Continent?

Many people were already thinking about this in their heads, trying to measure the magnitude of shock and change that Stabila’s return was going to bring.

“Child, it has been tough on you for the last few hundred years.” Stabila lightly caressed Batistuta’s head with his dry hand and said genially, “There are only a few children from the choir at that time who are still alive, right? You did great. The [Black-Cloth Shrine] achieved redemption in your hand; I’m proud of you.”

“Sir, you have disappeared…”

“About 800 years ago, I grew a little careless and got ambushed by Blatter and the masters of a few other shrines. Although they couldn’t kill me, they imprisoned me in the dungeon at the bottom of Sicily Island, torturing me with all kinds of magic spells and methods. From then onward, I couldn’t see the sunlight, and I was only accompanied by the coldness and heat while the underground chilly energy and lava alternated once per day. I could only guess how long has passed with the alternation cycles…” Stabila sighed and told everyone his story.

This experience was tragic and bone-chilling. When Stabila told the story with a calm and casual tone, it was even more shocking.

It was hard to imagine being imprisoned in a dungeon and tortured by inhumane methods for 800 years. The extreme coldness of the underground chilly energy and the extreme heat of the lava alternated once per day, and drastic changes to the environment could turn most people insane.

Only those who were like Stabila could withstand it! After all, Stabila reached the Godly King Realm, and his mentality reached a high level as well. It was the only way that he stayed sane and didn’t commit suicide.

However, 800 years of torture turned Stabila, once the heroic and majestic Pope of the Holy Church, into an old man who looked like a ghost.

“Until a year ago, Blatter and Platini started to fight. In order to defeat Blatter, Platini contacted me in secret, and I pretended to be willing to work with him, finally finding a good opportunity. Then, I recovered a bit of strength and escaped from the dungeon at the bottom of the island,” Stabila said slowly.

“Then, the current Holy Church…” Batistuta thought of something.

“Of course, the Holy Church is now in my control…” A trace of pride finally appeared on Stabila’s face as he said that, and others were able to vaguely see the presence of the pope from 800 years ago.

After all, Stabila took the Throne of the Pope from Blatter in only less than half a year after coming out of 800 years of imprisonment! This was insane and unthinkable! After all, Blatter had managed the Holy Church during this time and nurtured many henchmen.

The only explanation for this was that the conflict between Blatter and Platini weakened their strength. Also, perhaps Stabila had hidden cards from 800 years ago.

The real masters could always do what others thought were impossible.

For a long time, Fei stared at this old man whose body was almost rotting from the inside out.

After hearing the terrifying and shocking secret, he had to praise in his mind, “800 years of imprisonment where he was kept away from the sun. Others would have gone insane, but this man lasted all this time! Terrifying!”

The masters who were observing in the sky all chatted among themselves as well.

From the surface, it seemed like Stabila’s return and control of the Holy Church was more beneficial for the entire continent.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    I don’t trust this Stabila guy. Him appearing now is way to convenient. Maybe it’s just a corpse possessed by the golden skeleton that didn’t appear in ages and this is just a plot to take of heat from the holy church and win back people’s trust.

  2. Derek dick

    Didnt the pope before blatter disappear only 100 years ago? What is it with these 800 years?

    Also baptista is only sun class and they can only live for 600 years. Henfe baptista cannot have been born, when the pope stabila disappeared and thus cannot have met him.

    Plot holes galore.

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