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Hail the King Chapter 1201.2

Chapter 1201: Secret (Part Two)

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After all, the Holy Church 800 years ago was righteous, just, and kind under Stabila’s leadership. At that time, the Holy Church’s reputation was excellent, and they strictly followed the [Code of God] and helped the humans around the continent.

The Holy Church’s mission was saving all people and alleviating pain and suffering in the world. The priests walked around the continent to heal people, and the godly knights soared in the sky and eliminated evil.

The continent from 800 years ago was the peaceful golden age for humans.

Once Pope Stabila disappeared, the Holy Church started to change as Blatter and others came into power. Greed, corruption, lust, desire for power… all these negative factors turned the Holy Church from a righteous organization into something dark. It became violent, authoritarian, and vicious, killing those who disobeyed them, and no one dared to go against its will.

Perhaps Stabila’s return was going to change this situation by a lot.

After all, Blatter who caused the corruption of the Holy Church was now a prisoner, and the other roadblock, Platini, was killed by the Human Emperor of the North.

Batistuta was finally able to control his emotions, and he slowly stood up and bowed at Stabila before returning to Fei’s side.

Some of the people in the area felt a little strange. People thought that Stabila was dead, and that was how the Human Emperor of the North took the position as the Bishop of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] many years later. Also, they had to admit that the Human Emperor of the North performed well, bringing the [Black-Cloth Shrine] that was on the verge of collapse back to life. Now, the [Black-Cloth Shrine] was shining with vitality.

Here was the issue. With Stabila’s return, who was going to lead the [Black-Cloth Shrine]?

Once a conflict broke out, the war between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church would be unavoidable.

Batistuta was clear on how powerful the Northern Region Empire really was; perhaps the entire continent didn’t know what the Human Emperor of the North was capable of. A few races couldn’t even handle the Northern Region Empire, and even if Holy Church was back to its prime, it might not be able to last long.

“Child.” Stabila looked at Fei with a smile and took a small step forward. He said, “I think as an old monster who has lived for more than 1,000 years, I can call you ‘child’, right? Now, you should be able to ditch your old opinions about the Holy Church and have an in-depth conversation with an old man like me, right?”

Fei walked off the Throne of Creation and slightly bowed while saying, “Indeed. I need to pay my respect to you.”

What Fei said instantly made the masters who came to watch this meeting heave sighs of relief. They thought to themselves, “Just like the rumors had said, the Human Emperor of the North is a kind and generous lord. He didn’t become rude and overbearing due to the increase in his strength and power.”

The slight bow was enough to show the Human Emperor of the North’s intention of trying to bring back peace to the Azeroth Continent.

“Most of the heroes are the youthful ones!” Brilliant glints appeared in Stabila’s old eyes, and he looked at Fei as if he was looking at himself when he was young. He sighed, “When I was imprisoned in the dungeon below Sicily Island, I was worried that a greedy figure like Blatter might bring giant catastrophes to the continent once he became the Pope of the Holy Church.”

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