Chapter 1202: The Disappearance of Gods and Demons (Part One)

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“It is fortunate that the God of Creation already arranged for everything. A true human leader was born. Child, even though I only escaped less than half a year ago, I already heard your name numerous times. I learned your legendary stories, and I’m proud of you!”

Fei smiled and humbly replied, “Your Holiness, you are the role model that we younger people must learn from.”

Stabila smiled and nodded. Then, he turned toward the Continental Martial Saint who was engulfed in silver flames, and he said, “Old Friend, why aren’t you coming over to chat? Are you still going to put up that cold and careless attitude?”

“Hahaha! I didn’t anticipate this even in my dreams! An old fart like you who had died 800 years ago came back to life! Great!”

While the heroic laughter resonated in the sky, the silver flames gradually disappeared, revealing a slightly stout figure. He looked ordinary with a thick black beard and curly long hair. Right now, he was smoking a cigar, which was his habit.

In just a blink, Maradona flashed to Stabila and zapped his lips. He even reached out his hand and touched Stabila’s skin and hair with curiosity.

The joking attitude that Maradona had made Batistuta and other masters of the Holy Church frown. However, after considering this man’s status and his seemingly-close relationship with Stabila, they held back their frustration and didn’t say anything.

The famous and magnificent Continental Martial Saint was the idol of almost all warriors on the continent. However, since this man was mysterious and never seen in public, only a few people in the world knew what he looked like. Therefore, most people believed that Maradona was a handsome and dashing master in white who was brilliant and eye-catching.

Now seeing the Continental Martial Saint with their own eyes, most people felt like the idol image in their minds shattered and broke.

“This man looks like the leader of a third-tier mercenary group instead of the Continental Martial Saint!” many people thought to themselves. However, they were seeing the real figure, so they couldn’t do anything but accept the fact.

The good thing was that Maradona showed shocking power, redeeming himself in the minds of many warriors. When he flashed to Stabila, he used a profound technique, and no one knew how he did it.

“Hey, old guy! Since you are back alive, you should just tell us and invite us to tour around the Holy Mountain on Sicily Island! I heard that there are many beauties in the choir there. Why are you making it seem mysterious and invited Alexander and me to this place?” Maradona asked boldly.

Hearing his words, many warriors felt like something shattered inside their minds once more.

“Is this guy the idol of all warriors on the continent? He looks like an ‘obscene uncle’!”

However, what Maradona asked was to the point, and Fei waited for Stabila’s response as well.

Stabila said with a bitter smile, “If I directly invited you guys to Sicily Island, would you go? After all, it is the headquarters of the Holy Church. What if the Holy Church is setting up a trap?”

“That makes sense. If I didn’t see you being alive with my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe anything that the Holy Church said, and I wouldn’t go to the Holy Mountain on Sicily Island,” Maradona laughed lightheartedly. Then, he suddenly frowned and asked, “Wait, you old fart was already clever 800 years ago. You want to talk about something else, right? You created such a big sensation on the continent by inviting Alexander and me to come here, and all the top-tier masters came.”

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