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Hail the King Chapter 1202.2

Chapter 1202: The Disappearance of Gods and Demons (Part Two)

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Fei was laughing in his mind; he almost wanted to hug the Continental Martial Saint.

Although it seemed like Maradona was joking around and didn’t look dignified, the questions that he asked were all on point, getting to the bottom of the mysteries that Fei and others wanted to know the answers to.

Now that the conversation came to this point, Stabila became serious, and he nodded and said, “That is right. I did use a small tactic and pulled the masters of our human race here by borrowing the influence of the two of you. There is something that I want to talk about.”

Stabila paused for a second and looked at the magnificent Sky City that was floating in mid-air further away. Then, he continued, “Now that we are here, the sealed events that took place 1,000 years ago and the ancient secrets need to be revealed. I want to talk about an important matter, and it is related to that.”

After saying that, Stabila turned around and whispered something to a master of the Holy Church, and the latter flew into the flying godly palace to get something.

“Everyone knows that the Azeroth Continent was at the peak of warrior energy and magic civilization 1,000 years ago, and the God Clan that controlled light and the Demon Clan that controlled darkness were the lords of the continent. They led tens of thousands of races, getting worshipped and admired by all. However, these two powerful clans collapsed from the peak of power almost overnight, disappearing on the continent. All kinds of rumors and theories were passed around on the continent, and many people tried to guess what had happened to the God Clan and Demon Clan. Today, I will reveal some of the secrets,” Stabila spoke slowly with a thoughtful expression.

Almost everyone was intrigued by this topic.

Indeed, many people tried to figure out what had happened in the Mythical Era where the God Clan and Demon Clan ruled everything. There were many theories, but people couldn’t reach a consensus.

The God Clan and Demon Clan were unimaginably powerful, and their abilities were unheard of. They were the rulers of the continent, and they had brilliant civilizations.

There were no signs of decay as they were in their primes, but they somehow collapsed and disappeared in an extremely short amount of time.

For the last 1,000 years, no one knew what had happened. Clearly, most people couldn’t accept the theory that the two clans battled each other and brought destruction to themselves.

Fei’s interest was piqued as well.

In fact, Fei had a vague idea about how the gods and demons disappeared.

Regardless if it was the Dwarf Emperor’s bloody journal in the Last Ancestral Place behind Chambord or what Pope Zhong Dajun of the Beast God Palace had said, they all pointed to the mysterious enemies – the Polluters!

“What is Stabila going to talk about? Will it involve the Polluters?” Fei thought to himself.

“Many people believe that the gods and demons grew tired of wars, and they all left the continent. Also, some people think that they fought each other or fell into a deep sleep. There are all kinds of theories, but none of them are correct. The real reason is that they encountered enemies who they couldn’t defend against!”

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    half the b—–s has been said since the start of the novel a billion times, doesn’t this get tired of writing the same crap over and over again

  3. EKANTA Unknown

    Finally caught up to this chapter.
    Many, many thanks to the translation team and all the members of noodletown translation for translating and releasing the chapters of this novel at such an amazing frequency.
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  4. What an absolute waste of a chapter. The second half was endless waffling before the last paragraph finally got to the point.

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      Just enjoy it, author wasn’t after a pullitzer I am sure….

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