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Hail the King Chapter 1203.1

Chapter 1203: The Most Reasonable Explanation (Part One)

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What Stabila said shocked everyone, and the masters in the area all gasped.

“What kind of enemies? Wiping out both the gods and demons?” Everyone was holding their breaths and waiting for Stabila to continue.

“They were terrifying enemies from another dimension. They had terrifying power, and there were countless of them. Like a herd of bees, they rushed to the continent. They had insane adaptability and power of destruction. At the beginning of the war, the gods and demons didn’t pay much attention to these enemies. After all, the enemies looked like savage bugs and seemed to come from a civilization that was behind in development. They couldn’t even speak. However, the God Clan and Demon Clan paid for their arrogance and negligence. Although the enemies seemed behind in terms of development, they weren’t weak. They quickly spread like a plague and reproduced rapidly. Think about the infamous Undead Creature Catastrophes that took place on the continent, and then think about the Goblin Catastrophe that just happened in the Southern Region. It was many times more terrifying than these catastrophes.” Stabila’s voice seemed to contain a magical power, and everyone shivered as they listened to him.

The tragic catastrophe that took place in the Southern Region was still fresh in their minds.

In this catastrophe, the goblins almost killed all other creatures in the Southern Region with their sheer numbers advantage! It felt like the goblins couldn’t be killed off.

If it weren’t for the Human Emperor of the North who destroyed the Goblin Realm and killed Platini who was the mastermind behind all this, the entire Azeroth Continent would be in danger of collapsing instead of only the Southern Region.

Only the people who experienced the Goblin Catastrophe first-hand could understand how terrifying the goblin-sea-attack was.

“As the war continued, the affiliated races of the God Clan and Demon Clan got wiped out one by one, and a ton of land was captured by the enemies. Many god-level masters died, including those from the God Clan and Demon Clan. By then, these two clans realized how dangerous the enemies were. Therefore, they had to join hands and fight the enemies. However, it was already too late. In less than three months, many god-level masters died, and the God Clan’s capital, Garden of Eden, and the Demon Clan’s capital, City of Nightside, both got conquered. Those enemies from another dimension, those terrifying insects from another plane! They could absorb the core energies of masters to continuously evolve! There were already enemies that were strong enough to take on the supreme entities of the God Clan and Demon Clan by then! From that moment on, the momentum was irreversible! Like polluters, every place that the enemies went to got polluted! That is why the God Clan and Demon Clan referred to these damn insects as Polluters,” Stabila said slowly.

Although this old man only said a few words, what came out of his mouth made the people in the area detect the terrifying power of the enemies and the cruelty of the war. They felt like they saw the scenes where gods screamed and fell from the sky, the blood stained all the land, and corpses piling up for tens of thousands of kilometers.

Fei’s mind also shook, and he thought, “Polluters! He just mentioned the Polluters! That means all the information that I got was correct!”

“The proud and powerful God Clan and Demon Clan were forced into a desperate situation in less than three months. As to other affiliated races such as the orcs, elves, gnomes, dwarfs, and dragons, they were either wiped out or forced to leave the Azeroth Continent around that time. The civilizations collapsed at a speed that no one could imagine. It was too fast! It was so quick that civilizations couldn’t be preserved. Almost nothing was saved or left behind intact to provide clues to the people after the Mythical Era. That explains why almost nothing is mentioned in history books about this period,” Stabila continued.

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  1. the polluters are earth people that got to cultivate from the guy who returned on earth

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