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Hail the King Chapter 1203.2

Chapter 1203: The Most Reasonable Explanation (Part Two)

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Everyone was shocked to their cores, and some people lowered their heads and pondered.

What Stabila said was unheard of! It was the first time that most people here heard this theory.

“Wait, somethings can’t be explained. If Your Holiness is correct, then all the races were wiped out in that world-ending catastrophe. The God Clan and Demon Clan were defeat? Then, how come humans survived that? Where did those terrifying enemies named Polluters go? As the victors, how come they aren’t on this continent?” A human master further away couldn’t hold back and asked these questions.

Indeed, what Stabila said contained many holes. At least the existence of humans and the disappearance of the victors couldn’t be explained.

Fei also nodded in secret.

In fact, he had been thinking about these questions as well.

However, according to what Pope Zhong Dajun of the Beast God Palace had said, as victors, the Polluters decided to show mercy toward the humans.

As plunderers, the Polluters had their own intelligent civilization, and they didn’t want to kill all the fish in the ocean. After butchering those powerful existences, the enemies left the humans as ‘seeds’ since humans were weak but had strong reproductive abilities.

The Polluters had left the Azeroth Continent, one of their hunting grounds. They had gone to other hunting grounds, waiting for the ‘seeds’ to grow.

When the humans repopulated the continent and created powerful civilizations, the Polluters would appear again and go for another round of harvesting.

This was the most reasonable explanation.

Fei thought that Stabila was going to say something along this line.

However, a mystical smile appeared on this old man’s face, and he shook his head and said, “No, in reality, even though the God Clan and Demon Clan were pushed into a desperate situation with their capital cities conquered and a few of them left, the God Clan and Demon Clan were the final victors in this war.”

“What?” Fei almost screamed out loud. He thought to himself, “What? Didn’t the Polluters end the God Clan and Demon Clan? This is completely different from what I know. In fact, it is 180 degrees to the opposite side! Victory and defeat; these are two completely different results!”

“Since the God Clan and Demon Clan won the war, how come they couldn’t be seen on the continent? Why did the Mythical Era end with all civilizations destroyed?” Fei asked while frowning.

Stabila looked at Fei with a mystical expression. Instead of answering Fei’s question, he asked, “Child, it seems like you already know about the Polluters and some of the secrets regarding the destruction of the Mythical Era, right?”

Fei nodded.

“That makes sense. You only know about the surface. Here is what really happened. Even though the gods and demons won the war and completely wiped out all Polluters, they paid a hefty price. They were almost completely killed. The Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan ignited their life energy and killed all the Polluters. After that war, only ten gods and demons survived with most of the humans.” Stabila also provided a reasonable explanation.

He continued, “These last ten gods and demons created the Holy Church. In order for humans to forget the tragedy that this war brought, the gods and demons used their great abilities and wiped this portion of the memory from all humans’ minds. Also, some clues that proved gods and demons’ existence also were destroyed. As humans grew stronger and more prosperous on the continent, those gods and demons gradually died since their longevity was drastically decreased by the injuries that they received during the war. Therefore, the last bit of proof of the Mythical Era got buried in the long river of time.”

Fei fell into silence after hearing this.

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  1. EKANTA Unknown

    But wait, doesn’t this go against what that existence in the grand godly realm said to Fei, that his real enemy are the polluters and said something like ” to wash away the shame”. Well i suppose we will soon find out.
    Anyways, thanks for the chapter.

  2. What about those 72 eggs?

    • Vash the Stampede

      Yeah, it doesn’t really explain all those sealed demons

  3. calavente

    well… and 1000 years doesn’t seem so long if Mr Pope was emprisoned 800years ago (and already a god-king) … I think the 1000 years should have been 10.000 😀
    if it were 1000 years, why would Pope Zhong Dajun say differently… he was present 1000 years ago…

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