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Hail the King Chapter 1204.1

Chapter 1204: The So-Called Polluters (Part One)

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“The God Clan and Demon Clan actually obtained the final victory? They used the last bit of their strength and killed all Polluters?”

“So, the gods and demons who were the guardians of the continent died with the Polluters, and the humans became the sole benefactor of the tragic war? Getting the entire continent? Humans also obtained the space of development since other races weren’t around and couldn’t enslave them, becoming the overlord of the continent?”

This answer was completely different from the information that Fei obtained before.

“Who should I believe?”

In reality, Fei didn’t completely trust Stabila.

After all, many pieces of evidence pointed toward the answer that Pope Zhong Dajun of the Beast God Palace left with Fei, and Fei had treated the Polluters as the most terrifying enemies in the future.

Could Fei’s perspective on this issue completely change after hearing only a few words coming from the old pope who should have died 800 years ago? Impossible!

“Please pardon my rudeness, but can Your Holiness provide some pieces of evidence? For example…” Fei frowned and said, “After all, this matter isn’t trivial; it concerns the future of the continent. From the pieces of evidence that I gathered, they showed that the Polluters aren’t killed. Instead, they are hiding in the dark and waiting for the time of harvest to come. Then, they will suddenly descend in this world and bring death and destruction with them!” Fei’s words sounded by everyone’s ears, and the masters’ faces all changed colors.

If these words came from someone else, these masters would have laughed and even doubt the existence of the so-called Polluters. But now, Stabila brought up the secrets from more than 1,000 years ago, and then the Human Emperor of the North mentioned the potential upcoming catastrophe. Anyone who had a brain could realize the importance of this matter.

If the Polluters that could even destroy the God Clan and Demon Clan still existed, the human civilization probably couldn’t escape the fate of destruction.

Everyone stared at Stabila and hoped that this old Pope could bring out a convincing piece of evidence.

“Of course.” Under everyone’s gaze, Stabila smiled and nodded. “I also know the importance of this matter, so I wouldn’t just speak without proof.”

With that said, Stabila waved his hand.

The flying godly palace of the Holy Church slowly floated over, and the gate opened.

A senior priest who looked prestigious carefully walked out with a rune-engraved golden chest in his hands.

Behind the old priest, there were six godly knights who were on the god-level. They were carrying a huge crystal coffin and slowly walking out of the godly palace.

Everyone’s eyes concentrated on the giant crystal coffin in the back.

It was a giant coffin that was 30 meters long, ten meters wide, and 20 meters tall. It was carved out of an entire piece of a perfect crystal, and the sunlight was refracted by the crystal and created many dreamy colors. Through the transparent crystal, people could see a giant monster inside.

The greenish-grey colored bone shell looked metallic, and it was filled with a marble-like texture. The chainsaw-like edges of the bones were terrifying, and bone spikes were everywhere. It had about five to six pairs of long bone legs, comparable to godly weapons. Also, its streamline body seemed to be designed for killing.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    I think the holy church was actually created by the polluters in order to help the humans grow just enough to be good enough for harvest, while also keeping them in check and preventing them from growing too strong or knowing too much.

  2. What happened to the red skeleton?…i hope they shows is in the chapters left

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