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Hail the King Chapter 1204.2

Chapter 1204: The So-Called Polluters (Part Two)

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This was an extremely ugly monster.

However, the people who were on the ground and flying in the air were all top-tier masters on the continent, so they could tell the terrifying combat abilities of this greenish-grey monster.

Fei almost spat out.

“Damn it! This is… a bug? Like the bugs from that sci-fi movie called Starship Troopers? The monsters that were countless and would frequently crawl out of the soil on the surface of the stars? The monsters that always flooded human bases and fleets and could fly in the vacuum of space? They are the so-called Polluters? Is this a joke?” Fei thought to himself.

“This is the corpse of a low-level Polluter, and it is one piece of evidence that the Holy Church kept; it has been stored in the Holy Mountain on Sicily Island for more than 1,000 years.” Stabila looked at the body of this bug and sighed, “It was these murderous monsters who destroyed the Mythical Era. This one is only a low-level Polluter, and its strength is around Three-Star to Four-Star in human terms. In that ancient war, there were hundreds of billions of them!”

“Hundreds of billions?” Everyone gasped when they heard this!

A Four-Star monster wasn’t terrifying, but the sheer number was indeed shocking! Even if a godly king faced hundreds of billions of fearless monsters that knew nothing but charging forward, all the godly power of the godly king would be depleted in the end, and this godly king would have to escape.

Stabila saw the shock in everyone’s eyes and continued, “The enemies weren’t only made of Polluters on this level. Above it, there were more than 20 levels, and the Polluters were in different forms and had different powers. Some of them could even spat thunderbolts, fire, lava, and ice blocks, instantly injuring gods and demons. The more terrifying thing was that the Polluters were able to grow at a fast speed. With enough corpses, blood, or energy, a low-level Polluter could become a god-level monster within a month!”

“How is this possible?” all the people in the area were shocked once more.

“Going from a Four-Star Warrior to a god? Is he kidding? If this is true, then the laws of power in this world got smashed and shattered back then!”

“After all, the most talented genius on the continent in the last 1,000 years, Human Emperor Alexander of the North, took about four to five years to go from a little warrior to a godly king! You are telling me that an ordinary Polluter could evolve faster than the most talented human in recent history?” many people thought to themselves and shivered when they understood the implications.

“Due to the ugly appearances of the Polluters, the God Clan and Demon Clan didn’t pay much attention to them when these invaders descended on the continent through spatial teleportation portals. The gods and demons thought of them as insects and beasts. When these enemies matured, even the gods and demons couldn’t control the situation,” Stabila sighed while shaking his head, “This was a terrifying race! They were born to kill!”

Now, everyone in the area believed what Stabila had said and realized that these Polluters indeed had the ability to destroy the Mythical Era.

“Let’s look at this next.” Stabila grabbed the rune-engraved golden chest from that senior priest and took out a faint-red scroll.

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