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Hail the King Chapter 1205.1

Chapter 1205: The Method for the Reverse (Part One)

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This scroll seemed to have an impressive history; it emitted a terrifying presence.

“This is the [Lucidity Scroll] left by a supreme entity of the God Clan who survived that war. He used the secret techniques of the God Clan to seal some of his memory into this scroll. It will tell you how terrifying the Polluters were.”

While Stabila spoke, he opened the scroll and injected a streak of holy power into it.


A series of vibrations appeared in the sky.

Then, the scroll emitted a streak of faint-red mist, creating a screen of light. Some visuals from the ancient times appeared on it. Even though the visuals weren’t that clear, the people in the area could tell what was happening.

This was a battle scene, a battle scene from the Mythical Era.

Many high-level Polluters that were in different forms were battling the gods and demons, and countless low-level Polluters surrounded the battleground.

These powerful monsters were thousands of meters tall, and some of them were like mountain-like meatballs, some of them were like dragon-like bone beasts with wings, and some of them looked like giant spiders.

The only similarity between them was that they were all insanely powerful.

These monsters either controlled fire, spat thunderbolts, or blew out chilly energy. Under their attacks, the gods and demons fell from the sky one by one as if someone was throwing dumplings into a pot of boiling water. Then, those gods and demons were surrounded by low-level Polluters that rushed up, and these weak monsters devoured the injured gods and demons alive, sucking away their core energies.

Next, the low-level Polluters started to quickly come out of their shells and evolved into even stranger monsters.

The scene was the definition of a massacre! The lofty gods and demons were being killed left and right!

Some gods tried to escape using spatial godly spells, but a giant spider-like monster spat out many strings and pulled them out of the void before cutting them into pieces.

The sky rippled like the ocean in a heavy storm, and all kinds of Polluters came out of such hyperspatial teleportation tunnels and rushed toward the gods and demons like a flood.

Many giant fireballs fell from the sky as well and created deep craters on the ground.

In less than four minutes, many low-level Polluters crawled out of the craters like waves in a tsunami and joined the battle.

This was a terrifying battle that even made the gods and demons desperate.

The enemies couldn’t be all wiped out!

The enemies were getting stronger every second!

The godly laws of nature that the gods and demons were proud of couldn’t seal the teleportation tunnels of the Polluters, and they couldn’t do anything but watch the enemies increase in numbers.

Also, when a god or a demon died, the enemies got a bit more powerful.

As if a partially damaged camera recorded all these scenes, the visuals that were being displayed had low quality, and it lasted for a total of about 15 minutes. Then, all the red mist dashed back into the scroll and disappeared.

Everyone felt like they just had a terrifying nightmare. Their hearts were racing, their bodies were shivering, and they sweated profusely.

Some masters even paled with fear written all over their faces as they were shocked and terrified by the scenes that were displayed.

It indeed looked like a world-ending catastrophe.

If the so-called Polluters appeared on the Azeroth Continent today, the entire continent would be conquered without a question! The humans wouldn’t last long at all.

Of course, after some people calmed down, they started to doubt the validity of this scroll.

“Alexander, what do you think?” Continental Martial Saint Maradona asked with a serious expression.

Fei nodded and replied, “It is mostly aligned with the information that I obtained. Also, this scroll can’t be a fake. The vicissitude of time coming from the scroll contains the ancient godly power of a supreme god.”

“My thoughts are the same.” Maradona nodded.

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