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Hail the King Chapter 1205.2

Chapter 1205: The Method for the Reverse (Part Two)

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The conversation between these two people gave this scroll indisputable convincing power. The Human Emperor of the North and the Continental Martial Saints were both standing at the peak of the world. Since these two agreed that the scroll was real, all doubts evaporated in the minds of other human masters.

After thinking for a while, Fei thought of something and continued to ask while looking at old Pope Stabila, “According to the content of this scroll, the Polluters were crushing the God Clan and Demon Clan. It is hard to believe that the Polluters were defeated.”

Everyone nodded as well.

Seeing that one-sided battle, it was hard to believe that the God Clan and Demon Clan used a method to turn the desperate situation around.

Stabila sighed, “This is the terrifying aspect of the God Clan and Demon Clan. Even though they were severely beaten, they still had their own hidden cards. After all, they were the overlords of the continent and the masters of this space. In the end, the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan ditched their grudges and worked together. With their godly and demonic blood, they awakened the Saint Item Set of Creation that the God of Creation left behind. Then, they ignited their core energies and defeated the Polluters with the help of the power of this world.”

While saying that, Stabila took out another red scroll.

Then, a red mist came out of this scroll as well and created another rough and blurry screen of light.

The visuals that were shown were completely different from before.

While eye-piercing energy flames burned, two figures, one white and one black, stood on a throne that seemed vague in the high sky. Even though the screen was blurry, people could tell that one of the two figures was a handsome male while the other was a beautiful female. These two held hands and controlled a few weapons that couldn’t be clearly seen.

The terrifying energy flames surged like ocean waves in a storm, and the Polluters were like sand grains in a desert. When these enemies touched the flames, they instantly dried-up and collapsed before turning into ashes and disappearing.

The situation was reversed!

The holy light wiped though the continent, and all Polluters were destroyed by it, leaving behind a severely damaged continent.

When the last Polluter disappeared on the continent, the surging energy flames quickly dimmed.

Now, the male and female in the sky could be clearly seen.

They were good-looking and unparalleled.

The male seemed to be about 20 years old, and he was a dashing figure with long black hair, stealing the light from the sun. The female was also in her prime, and her long black hair contrasted with her jade-like fair skin. Even the most exaggerated descriptors of beauty couldn’t capture 0.01 percent of her appearance. She felt like a pure silver moon to others.

When the viewers saw these two figures’ faces, they were struck and felt inferior while praising in their minds.

These two figures were the perfect partner for each other.

“We finally defeated the enemies?” a tired voice filled with vicissitude came out of the male figure’s mouth.

“Yeah, the Polluters on the continent are finally wiped out.” The female’s voice sounded soft and gentle, containing an indescribable sense of inspiration.

These two looked up into the sky at the same time, and the screen suddenly blinked and became blurry.

After a few seconds, the screen returned to normal, and four to five light beams flew out of these two figures’ bodies. Some of the light beams disappeared into the sky, some of them dashed into the ground, and some of them vanished into the ocean.

“Humans, we hope that you… won’t make the same mistake…” While these two figures sighed, many thin cracks abruptly appeared on their bodies.

Like dried-up eggshells, they cracked, and their fragments flew into the sky.

It seemed like only their thin skin was left in this world; all their organs, bones, muscles, and blood had already disappeared.

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