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Hail the King Chapter 1206.1

Chapter 1206: There Is Only One Person in the Whole World (Part One)

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“They are the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan. They were the two most powerful figures on the continent during the Mythical Era. These two forcefully summoned and used the Saint Item Set of Creation with their godly and demonic blood, depleting all their core energies and flesh. Even though they were peak supreme gods, only their skin was left. Aside from them, more than 20 supreme gods sacrificed themselves to provide energy to the Saint Item Set of Creation…” Stabila sighed and said, “This is why they only made this decision when they were forced into the most desperate situation. Of course, the hatred and grudges between the God Clan and Demon Clan made it hard for them to work together, and the continent also fell too fast. These were all factors.”

Everyone felt a sense of loss at this moment.

When seeing the pair of unparalleled male and female turning into tens of millions of pieces and flying away, Fei suddenly sensed an indescribable pain as if he had just lost loved ones who were extremely close to him.

Especially that gentle female; she gave Fei a mystical sense of familiarity.

“So, it is really the God Clan and Demon Clan that obtained the final victory!”

“Oh! After the collapse of the Mythical Era, human civilization only got to continue due to luck!”

“Indeed. Near the end of the war, the powerful affiliated races such as the elves, dwarfs, and dragons had the power to create their own small worlds to hide, and even the orcs escaped the continent. Only humans couldn’t escape due to the overall weak strength, yet this allowed our race to obtain the last bit of hope and the control of the entire continent!”

“With 1,000 years of rest, humans dominated the continent.”

Everyone sighed and talked among themselves.

Fei’s heart that had been in his throat since he learned about the Polluters’ existence also dropped back into his chest. He felt relieved as if a mountain was shifted off his shoulders.

For a long time now, the Polluters existed in Fei’s mind like a nightmare that he couldn’t get rid of, giving him a ton of pressure.

Even after he became the ruler of the Northern Region Empire and had the strength to rival the Holy Church, he didn’t feel relieved. When he defeated the goblins and killed Platini, he didn’t let go of the breath that he was holding.

Everything was good now. The Sword of Damocles that was hanging above Fei’s head finally completely disappeared.

Now, it was clear that the Polluters, the imaginary enemies on Fei’s mind, were completely wiped out more than 1,000 years ago.

The so-called world-ending catastrophe wouldn’t reappear on the continent.

Although Fei was still a little confused about a few small things, he chose to trust Stabila.

The scrolls that this genial old man showed were from the Mythical Era more than 1,000 years ago, and the red mist was also a type of power from that era. It was a type of power that humans couldn’t possess; it should be the core energy of gods and demons, and others couldn’t mimic it.

Suddenly, Fei felt like he lost the target that he was working hard toward.

This man was relieved!

The other people in the area also looked relaxed with relieved expressions on their faces.

At this moment, people’s attention shifted back onto the conflict between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church. From the Human Emperor of the North and Pope Stabila’s attitude, everyone saw the hope of peace in the future.

Fei thought so as well.

Since the Polluters no longer existed, the future expansion of the Northern Region Empire was meaningless.

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  1. Alamand

    Is everyone there an idiot? just because all of the polluters on the continent got wiped out doesn’t mean they’re extinct. They came from somewhere before and they can come from that place again once the isolation barrier mentioned awhile ago fails.

    • Nuex Mark

      the author didnt think this through enough lmao

      • TetewMaster

        Nah its not like that, the author just wanna make our MC f*cked up Lmao

        • TetewMaster

          Btw, “The Sword of Damocles that was hanging above Fei’s head finally completely disappeared”

          Munakata Reisi is that you bruhhh ???

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