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Hail the King Chapter 1206.2

Chapter 1206: There Is Only One Person in the Whole World (Part Two)

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Fei wasn’t passionate about control and influence, and the demonized Holy Church seemed to be going back onto the right track with Stabila’s return. Now, the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church didn’t have strong points of conflict as their ideologies were now similar.

However, the future relationship between these two giant forces was still uncertain.

“In fact, except for using this opportunity to resolve and redeem the mistakes and sins that the Holy Church committed during Blatter and Platini’s ruling, giving an answer to everyone on the continent, the core reason why I used Your Majesty and the Continental Martial Saint’s influence to pull all the top-tier human masters to the City of San Siro is to analyze and explain what exactly happened during the Mythical Era. Especially the reminder that the Lord of the God Clan and the Lord of the Demon Clan gave humans before they died; I think that phrase is critical to the current situation on the continent. I hope that all wars and killings could stop today, and I hope that humans could value the right of survival on the Azeroth Continent. We need to unite and prevent the same thing from happening. After all, there are many dimensions, and perhaps invaders like the Polluters might come. By then, we need to have the power to guard and protect the land that we love.” While saying that, Stabila seemed a little excited. Lights flashed on his face, and he looked extremely holy.

After a short pause, he continued, “I hope that the collapse of the God Clan and Demon Clan will make us reflect on ourselves. My goal is simple. The humans on the continent need a centralized command that has true authority. The situation where the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church rival each other with many big empires struggling to survive in the middle isn’t the peace that I look forward to. It also isn’t a great option.”

Stabila’s voice echoed in the sky, and everyone in the area was shocked.

The atmosphere that had already calmed down instantly became intense again due to the last sentence that Stabila said.

“What does Stabila mean? One centralized command? Ending the situation where the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church rival each other?”

“Does Stabila want to conquer the Northern Region Empire? Does he want the Human Emperor of the North to bow to him? Does he want to get back the control of the [Black-Cloth Shrine]? Does he want to make the Holy Church the only human force?”

“This is… such a huge ambition!”

Some people vaguely felt like the precedent of the Mythical Era and what Stabila said seemed like a better option.

“But will the Human Emperor of the North accept this provocative demand?”

“Will this young ruler easily let go of his powerful force?”

Everyone’s gaze landed on Fei.

Right now, Fei was calmly looking at Stabila and trying to figure out what this old man meant. With a smile on his face, he asked, “Since Your Holiness said this, perhaps you already have a great idea about how to unite the humans on the continent?”

Stabila nodded as Fei expected, and he said, “That is right. The perfect solution is the Holy Church and the Northern Region Empire peacefully merging into one. It is the situation that I look forward to. There is only one person in the whole world who is qualified, powerful enough, and prestigious enough to do this.” After saying that, Stabila smiled and took a short pause before continuing, “And that person is you.”

“Me?” Fei was shocked.

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