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Hail the King Chapter 1207.1

Chapter 1207: The Future (Part One)

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“That is right. You.” Stabila gave an answer that surprised everyone.

While everyone looked at him in shock, Stabila smiled and said, “Although I only escaped from the dungeon below Sicily Island about half a year ago, I already know a lot about you, Child. In fact, I know more about you than most of your followers in the Northern Region Empire. I know that you were born as a [God’s Favorite Child] and have the purest golden holy power, allowing you to become the Bishop of the [Black-Cloth Shrine]. According to the [Code of God] of the Holy Church, the bishops of all shrines are qualified to fight for the Throne of the Pope on the Holy Mountain at Sicily Island. Therefore, you are able to become the pope. Also, looking from the facts, the [Black-Cloth Shrine] is getting more and more powerful and full of vitality. In addition, with your supreme strength, I can’t think of another person who can fight for the Throne of the Pope with you.”

Fei nodded subconsciously.

Sudden understanding also dawned on Batistuta, and he figured out what this old man meant.

Then, Stabila continued, “At the same time, you are the ruler of the Northern Region Empire, and your decisions will dictate the actions of the entire Northern Region Empire. If you are both the Pope of the Holy Church and the Emperor of the Northern Region Empire, the Church and the State can perfectly become one, turning into the most powerful force on the continent. By then, the Azeroth Continent can be united at your will.”

Now, everyone realized what this old pope meant. He wanted to… retire and give his position to Human Emperor Alexander of the North!

Without a question, this was a shocking idea!

If this proposal went through and became the reality, the historical moment of the continent uniting as one would arrive soon instead of being a distant dream.

The Human Emperor of the North’s unique identity allowed this crazy proposal to be extremely realistic and actionable.

People were shocked by this proposal, and they also admired old Pope Stabila’s generosity and kindness.

In this world, not everyone could easily let go of the control of a giant force such as the Holy Church. In order to make this decision, Stabila had to have the wisdom that allowed him to see through all vicissitudes of life and the attitude of placing the greater good before personal interests.

At this moment, Stabila’s old and ugly body looked extremely holy.

This man was going to become one of the greatest sages in human history.

If this man really decided to make this choice, then Stabila would completely change the future of humans, and he would be recorded in the history books.

However, was there really such a great human?

Some people were doubtful.

“Why not yourself?” Fei was surprised, and he asked Stabila, trying to test the latter, “You are the previous Bishop of the [Black-Cloth Shrine] and the current Pope of the Holy Church. If a sage like you lead all humans on the continent, the future might be better.”

“I had thought about that. Many years ago, I did have the ambition of becoming the first human to control the entire continent,” Stabila sighed, “However, you can tell that fate isn’t on my side. Being imprisoned inside the dungeon below Sicily Island completely changed me. While this experience helped me see through all the influence and power in the mortal world, it also made me ancient. I only have about half a year left, but you, my child, is like a rising sun; you have a ton of time to create endless glories and many miracles. You are the only suitable candidate.” Stabila sounded extremely firm and decisive.

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