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Hail the King Chapter 1207.2

Chapter 1207: The Future (Part Two)

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After saying this one more time, everyone realized that this old Pope wasn’t acting but was truly selfless.

Also, the explanation about his pending death got rid of the last bit of doubt in those people who were more negative and were naturally conspiracy theorists.

An old man who was about to die no longer needed to fight for the power and influence that he couldn’t hold.

At this moment, Fei also completely believed this old man and understood the true reason why the latter organized this meeting that pulled the continent’s attention.

Stabila spent a ton of energy on trying to get everyone to come here, used a long time to tell the stories about the Mythical Era, and took out those two scrolls and the corpse of a Polluter. All of that was for the unity of the human race.

Only when faced with the bloody and cruel reality, those people who were only concerned about their own interests would be moved, making the continent becoming one a possible reality.

What happened here today would be spread to every corner on the continent through these top-tier human masters.

Perhaps a new era would arrive on the continent after the meeting of these three magnates, and humans would receive unprecedented glory.

Even Continental Martial Saint Maradona who always joked around looked expectant, no longer teasing Stabila.

“I have about half a year left. Before I die, I can arrange everything for you and get prepared. I will clean up Blatter and Platini’s henchmen and reorganize the Holy Church. Child, I hope that you can take care of the rest in this half a year. Although my plan is in place, all kinds of obstacles and resistances will appear on the path of implementation. I hope that I can see you walk up the Five-Colored Godly Staircase and sit on the Throne of the Pope on the Holy Mountain,” Stabila sounded passionate and considerate.

Fei thought for a moment and nodded earnestly, not pretending to be humble or putting up any formalities.

Even though Fei wasn’t interested in the influence and power in the mortal world, he looked forward to the resolve of conflict between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy church as well as the Holy Church’s redemption and its return to its clean roots. He wouldn’t act to try to make himself look humble or desireless.

The shocking meeting between the three magnates at the City of San Siro ending with a result that no one expected.

Soon, the result of this meeting was publicized on the Azeroth Continent. The future projection of the merge between the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church made some forces happy while other forces became anxious.

For those empires and forces that were on the side of Blatter and Platini such as Barcelona and Juventus, this was a nightmare. They already formed intense grudges with the Northern Region Empire. If they lost the Holy Church as their supporter, it was easy to imagine what fate awaited them.

Except for those forces, many independent empires also became worried about their future.

If the Human Emperor of the North wanted to unite the continent, then he would conquer all empires using either soft or hard methods. Those independent empires would be targeted without a question.

Of course, those royal families, noble forces, and masters who decided to follow the Human Emperor of the North early on became extremely excited about this future. The more powerful that Fei became, the better it was for them! Their status would be firmer, and they would be more influential.

For a moment, all kinds of undercurrents were surging on the continent.

Maradona and Stabila went to the headquarters of the Holy Church on Sicily Island to take care of the complicated issues.

On the other hand, Fei returned to the Northern Region Empire.

All wars disappeared on the continent in a short time.

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