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Hail the King Chapter 1208.1

Chapter 1208: Earth (Part One)

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After meeting old Pope Stabila, Fei’s life became easier with a lot of relaxation.

Without the pressure from the Polluters, Fei was able to pull a large portion of his time that he used to spend on cultivation and managing the empire and put it toward accompanying his wives and loved ones. During this time, Fei toured all the famous destinations on the continent and enjoyed the scenery with his lovers, compensating them for what they missed out on while he cultivated in seclusion.

Although the merging of the Northern Region Empire and the Holy Church attracted the entire continent’s attention, causing many undercurrents to surge, it wasn’t something that Fei had to worry about. The Northern Region Empire had its giant and complete operation system, and tens of thousands of officials could solve most of the issues for Fei.

In the last month or so, Fei was with his three lovers every day.

[TL Note: I think the author had a typo here. The original text is Fei with his two wives, but I think it doesn’t fit the context since from prior chapters, it was clear that Elena and Angela accepted Paris and even invited her to go on their personal trips. Therefore, I have made the correction here.]

The four of them disguised themselves and took on many identities. One day, they would be inside the Southern Region, and they would appear in the Western Region the next day. Their movements were unpredictable, and they traveled to all the famous places on the continent, enjoying their time together.

When they sometimes encountered unjust incidents, they would stand out and help, restoring justice and performing heroic acts.

Of course, Fei didn’t forget to mimic the ancient emperor in China in some fields. By traveling in disguise, he was able to secretly observe and check how disciplined and uncorrupt the base-level officials of the Northern Region Empire were. The results of Fei’s ‘inspections’ were mostly satisfactory.

Time always passes by fast when people are having fun.

In the recent few days, a strange phenomenon has been happening.

Fei began to have a mythical feeling. He felt like a mysterious call was repeatedly sounding by his ears. It was sometimes vague, but it was impatient and anxious during other times. It gave Fei a sense of familiarity.

However, even with Fei’s current strength, he couldn’t clearly capture the source of this call.

“What is going on? How come I feel like someone is asking for my help from afar, yet I can’t detect where this person is.”

As a result, Fei became anxious and restless as well.

That night, Fei completely consumed the various masses of core energies that he obtained from the goblin masters in the Southern Region. He had comprehended all the foreign power and turned it into his own. Now, his degree of fusion with the miraculous grand godly realm had reached 67 percent.

Level 9 Godly King Realm!

Fei almost stood on the peak of power on the Azeroth Continent, and no one could rival him.

During this night, Fei and his three lovers returned to Sky City and ended this fun trip.

Fei started to handle some of the small yet important matters.

The emperor first arrived at the former Capital of Anji Empire, now one of the headquarters of the military districts of the Northern Region Empire. He appeared underground and strengthened the godly blood chains on remaining seals eggs that weren’t broken; there were about 100 of them. Then, he used his great power to move the last few seal eggs that were transformed into arsenals that had different speeds of time.

Only about a year passed on the Azeroth Continent since these arsenals were created, but several hundred years passed inside these seal eggs. The huge difference in the speed of time allowed the Northern Region Empire to secret create, store, and develop powerful magic items with a magic civilization that this era couldn’t imagine!

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  1. Hamed El Ghoul

    what the f--k hapenned to arshvan ? zenit god of war and his sister?

    • Artos

      Yeah and also the author forgot to count :p now he said that there were about 100 demons when originally it was 72 which 6 escaped, also the gold skeleton and the gold dwarf god with the giant axe never got mentioned again…

      • DirganDS

        The author also forgot about the grudge between zenit and Barcelona empire

  2. me, myself and i

    “When they sometimes encountered unjust incidents, they would stand out and help, restoring justice and performing heroic acts.”

    Oh my god, its just explained in a single sentence like this? There’s no face slapping contest? isn’t this a chinese novel? Is the author a legend?

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