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Hail the King Chapter 1208.2

Chapter 1208: Earth (Part Two)

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With the current strength of the Northern Region Empire, it could take down the Holy Church within about half a year. However, Fei didn’t want to wage any more wars. Now that there was a peaceful way to resolve the conflicts on the continent, he wanted to avoid all possible cases where people were going to bleed and die.

Under this overarching setting, Cain and Akara shifted the focus of their magic research from magic weaponry manufacturing to the breakthroughs of magic theories, and they returned to the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory in the mysterious room which floated in the void.

With the help of Fei’s godly laws, this laboratory that was only about 100 square meters expanded to over 1,000 square meters. This space was meticulously organized and sectioned into close to 100 small laboratories.

The golden skeleton that once stood in the laboratory was proved to be the remains of the Dwarf Clan’s battle god, and that terrifying giant ax was named [Lord of the Dwarfs – Portland’s Roar].

A while ago when Fei advanced into the Godly King Realm, he was able to approach this skeleton. After studying it for a while, he returned the skeleton and the giant ax to the Dwarf-Gnome Alliance.

This action instantly won him the friendships from the dwarfs and gnomes.

This was why the Dwarf-Gnome Alliance chose to stand with the Northern Region Empire on Bali Island back then. Before the unity call at Bali Island, the Northern Region Empire already secretly formed an alliance with this force.

Fei spent three days in Mad Scientists’ Laboratory.

Under the support of Cain and Akara’s new magic theories, especially the new spatial magic theories, Fei combed through his godly-king-level laws, again and again, trying to grasp that ultimate secret by trial-and-error.

Finally, on the morning of the third day, Fei completely comprehended the law of space, a magic principle known as [Barrier] on the Azeroth Continent.

At this moment, Fei finally clearly captured the vague yet anxious call that he had been hearing all these days.

It came from a place where Fei had only been dreaming about. His expression changed color!

Without having the time to say or explain anything to others, Fei tore open the spatial barrier and dashed forward, disappearing from the Mad Scientists’ Laboratory.

The vast and endless universe was cold and tranquil.

A radiant and giant star illuminated this small section of the universe.

The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn… these planets moved in their own orbits at speeds that were hard to be distinguished by the naked eye. Then, there was the blue planet and a silver satellite that spun around it…

Standing in the universe, Fei couldn’t help but cry.

This was the Solar System!

The blue planet was eye-catching to Fei. In his distant memory, this was his homeland that he saw many times in books, on TV, and in movies.

The Earth!

Fei’s real homeland!

It was the call that traveled through space that provided Fei with the most accurate spatial coordinates. When he comprehended the law of space, he found the way home through many dimensions and layers of voids.

The anxious call came from Zhong Dajun, the former Pope of the Beast God Palace.

“What is happening on Earth?”

Even though Fei was standing in space, he sensed streaks of strange and powerful energy. This type of energy was so strong that it could rival godly kings! It was filled with violent and murderous intents, and it permeated the entire Solar System.

After thinking for a while, Fei released his vast spirit energy and scanned the Earth.

Then, he turned into a streak of light and dove toward this blue planet.

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