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Hail the King Chapter 1209.1

Chapter 1209: Shocking Change (Part One)

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Almost in the next second, Fei appeared on the surface of the Earth. His expression turned grim.

Right now, he was standing in the city that was Beijing, the Capital City of China, in his memory.

However, the concrete jungle, bustling crowds, and countless cars didn’t appear as Fei had expected. Instead, Fei saw collapsed buildings, damaged and deserted cars, broken shops and stores, white plastic bags that were floating in the wind, and many human corpses as well as giant herds of black flies.

This was a scene that Fei only thought he would see in a sci-fi movie where the end of the world was happening.

Blood already dried on the ground, becoming dark-brown scars of Mother Earth.

From the looks of it, humans clearly weren’t prepared, and they suddenly encountered terrifying enemies. Then, they went on the run.

Unfortunately for them, the enemies were too terrifying. More than 90 percent of the people died while escaping, becoming the corpses that now Fei was seeing.

There were corpses in cars that crashed into each other…

There were corpses beside the collapsed buildings…

There were corpses at the gate of broken shops…

There were corpses everywhere. Mother and son who were hugging each other before they died, seniors, women, men, children…

The frozen expression on every corpse showed their extreme fear and panic before death.

Fei sighed and squatted down, starting to carefully observe the situation.

“They died after sharp objects pierced their bodies. Huh? Some of these people got their brain juice sucked dry… Judging from how rotten these corpses are, it seems like the catastrophe struck about a dozen days ago…”

Fei captured some pieces of information as he walked on the streets that were filled with corpses.

At this moment, a series of clapping noises sounded as if beasts were sprinting. Then, the ground started to shake.

Fei turned around, and his face changed color.

Bugs! Giant bugs that looked like mutated spiders!

“What? Bugs? Polluters?” Many names flashed into Fei’s mind like bolts of lightning.

The creatures that crawled out of the collapsed buildings and the sewers in large herds were bugs, an alien species. Perhaps they could also be called the Polluters. The bugs that appeared now were all in the lowest-level, looking like giant spiders with bone armor. Their long legs were full of spikes, and they could penetrate iron plates that were more than ten centimeters thick like a sharp diamond spear.

The bugs discovered Fei.

The desire for flesh and their instinct of killing made them surround Fei from all sides.

Now, Fei suddenly understood why Beijing was turned into ruins.

“These damn bugs; where did they come from? Old Pope Stabila said that all Polluters were killed. How come these creatures appeared on Earth? Are they the remaining ones that got away? Or is old Pope Stabila lying?”

Fei suddenly felt like he seemed to have missed something.

While Fei was thinking, he didn’t pay any attention to the bugs that were crawling toward him like crazy. Even if he didn’t react, Polluters on this level couldn’t get within 1,000 meters of him.

The bugs charged toward Fei nonstop. In order to get around Fei’s protective sphere, they even climbed on top of each other and stacked themselves high. While they roared in their hoarse voices, they tried to use their god-tier-weapon-like legs to pierce through Fei’s invisible shield.

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    He showed them killing all the ones that invaded but those bugs had to have come from somewhere

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