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Hail the King Chapter 1209.2

Chapter 1209: Shocking Change (Part Two)

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“A bunch of ants… die.” Fei lightly exhaled and unleashed a tiny bit of his power, and all the bugs that were exposed on the ground roared and became dust, disappearing in the air.

The world instantly quieted down.

Suddenly, Fei raised his head and looked toward a skyscraper that once had more than 100 floors but was now half-collapsed. He discovered something.

“God! What did I just see?” Further away, a muscular man who was wearing a military tank top was lying on the edge of the roof of Times Tower, the skyscraper that once had over 100 floors but was half-collapsed now. He was looking out with a pair of binoculars.

Beside him, there were about five Chinese people who were anxious, afraid, and dispirited.

“Wang Jian, what are you screaming about? Quiet down! You might attract the bugs below us,” someone complained.

“Jian Jie, Da Shi, you won’t believe what I just saw!” Wang Jian put down the pair of binoculars with his eyes wide open. He quickly called over his peers and said, “See, do you see? There is someone at the intersection about 500 meters away…”

“Huh? A real living person? This poor dude. Was he already discovered by the bugs? Ah! He is surrounded! What a pity. He can’t live long,” someone sighed sympathetically.

“No, you guys have to watch more carefully. Those bugs can’t rush over. They can’t get any closer after they are about 1,000 meters away from him…” someone spotted the irregularity.

“He is wearing a long white robe. It seems to be an ancient attire. His hair is so long. Damn! Is this guy an actor?”

“Huh? Yeah, you are right. Oh god…”




The people on the roof of Times Tower were looking at Fei with pity and joking around to alleviate the pressure. But when they saw tens of thousands of bugs being turned into dust without warning, they felt like their hearts were forcefully clenched by a powerful hand. Their minds turned blank, and they even forgot to breathe for a moment.

“That moment… what was that weapon?”

“Instantly killing thousands of bugs?”

As a group of rare survivors in the city, these people knew how terrifying the bugs were.

Even a normal small-caliber rifle couldn’t break the bone armor of the bugs from 200 meters away. Only heavy ripper cannons were the nemesis to these bugs, but they couldn’t achieve this seemingly exaggerated result.

-At this moment-

“Damn it! He seems to have discovered us!” Wang Jian saw that strange man at the intersection turning around and looking over. The two chilly streaks of light that shot out of this figure’s eyes were as sharp as blades.

“Who is he?”

“Is he an immortal who descended to our world?”

At this moment, everyone was shocked.

“Are you guys talking about me? I’m no immortal,” a crisp voice suddenly sounded from behind these survivors on the roof of Times Tower.

Wang Jian and others were horrified.

When they instantly turned around, they were so shocked that their mouths opened wide.

The strange man who was standing at the intersection a second ago already appeared behind them.

“This… how did he do it?”

Someone turned around subconsciously to look at the intersection; no one could be seen there anymore.

“You… who the heck are you?”

Wang Jian and others instantly put up their guards, and their hearts raced. Although they escaped death many times and have gotten used to all kinds of unimaginable events, they were still shocked to their cores when facing this man.

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  1. I love when isekaid characters return to earth, it sadly barely happens but stories that do it are always fun

  2. ofasix

    I didn’t expect dis

  3. Ilham Mustofa

    Fei : ” i’m no immortal.. i am God !!”

  4. EKANTA Unknown

    This is getting very interesting.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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