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Hail the King Chapter 121

Chapter 121: The Terrifying White Haired Master.

A beautiful and horrifying death storm.

Although Paris was powerful, she was pushed back by the force from the collision like a falling leaf in an autumn breeze. She had to admit that she still underestimated this little king’s true strength, although she was very careful.

As she flew back like a leaf, her mind quickly calculated and planned the next move. Her pupil suddenly contracted. She saw two flashes of light that were emanating a murderous aura. Under the cover of this beautiful storm, a purple and green light were shot at her; one aimed at her heart and one aimed at her throat.


That little king had brutally held himself up against the huge force from this deadly collision. Moreover, he moved so quickly after that. Although his body was covered in wounds, his determination didn’t get affected at all; his goal was still to kill her. His body was perfectly parallel with the ground as he dashed towards her. His body spinning in the air and the purple and green dual swords flashing in a lethal bladestorm.

Paris immediately felt a sense of great danger.

The murderous intent in Fei’s eyes had almost materialized. It created numerous red marks on Paris’ white skin, as if a knife had dragged across her body. The chilling, deadly sensation instantly tore open Paris’ mental defence, and paused all her thoughts.

After seeing the layers of green energy walls that she setup fail to block the dual swords, her expression finally changed drastically. An unprecedented scared expression appeared on her beautiful face as she turned her head around and screamed a name –


Boom – !

Before she could finish screaming, a figure appeared in front of her and threw a punch slowly.

This punch gave people a very strange feeling.

It seemed like it was ultra-slow. Everyone could see the angle and trajectory of the punch clearly. They were even able to see the symbols and inscriptions on the black ring that he was wearing on his finger clearly. However, the punch was fast as well. In an instant, the punch had connected onto the swords.

The punch had literally reversed and messed up both time and space.


The punch accurately hit both the purple and green lights at the same time.

An unstoppable force exploded onto Fei’s swords which started to bend and strain in Fei’s hands. The impulse was soon passed from the sword into Fei’s hands, forearm, and shoulders.

Crack, crack – !

A chilling bone breaking noise sounded. Blood spurted out of the pores on his arms, as if it were a layer of blood mist around him. His clothes were immediately stained by the blood. Like a doll that was ditched by someone, Fei flew back for more than twenty yards before he could stop. A stream of blood dripped off from the edge of Fei’s mouth.

A master!

Fei was shocked.

The person who suddenly appeared was the most powerful person that he had seen in both the real and Diablo World. The strange force that entered Fei’s arms and body had destroyed and tore Fei’s bones and muscles apart, as if there were many mini-explosions in his body. The unbearable pain almost made Fei howl loudly.

He immediately took out a bottle of 【Normal Healing Potion】and chugged it.

The injuries in his body quickly recovered.

However, Fei wasn’t relieved at all.

The force that entered his body didn’t disappear. It was still continuing the destruction of bones and muscles that the healing potion healed. The potion was only able to fix and heal the injured body parts, it wasn’t able to get rid of the dangerous force inside of him.

He took out another potion, it was a bottle of 【Full Rejuvenation Potion】.

This potion could restore 100% of the health and mana in the Diablo World, and it also helped with getting rid of some negative effects…… As soon as the purple potion went down his throat, the force that was inside of him got weaker immediately. Soon, the effect of the potion and the deadly force cancelled each other out.

Fei didn’t attack again.

He quickly switched to Assassin Mode, and disappeared in this dusty, misty environment. At this point, the peak of East Mountain was hazy. The dust and the bloody mist obscured the people’s visions. This was the best environment for assassins to show the world what they could do.

A tall strong white haired and bearded man stood in front of Paris.

This was the person, Murphy, who had blown Fei away. He was one of the Trump Cards that Paris had and was supposed to attack and kill the elder princess at the most critical moment. However, when Paris’ life was under great danger, she had no choice but to pull him out to defend her. This secret trump card was exposed.

After blowing Fei away, the old man Murphy didn’t chase and try to kill Fei with the advantage.

He put his hands behind his back. Two golden light beams shot out from his eyes and broke through the layers of dusts and blood mist like a searchlight. It seemed like he was scanning around and was trying to find something…… A solemn expression gradually appeared on his face.

Paris who was standing behind him saw something else. She saw two deep, bloody wounds on the elder’s fists. The wounds were about one to two inches deep, and his white bones were visible. Blood slid off his fingers and dripped onto the ground.

This discovery scared Paris one more time.

Murphy was already a six star warrior. He had metal attributed energy, and that made his body almost indestructible. His fists were like the hardest weapons that ever existed, but they didn’t have any advantages over Fei’s dual swords…… Paris felt increasingly chilly as she thought about it more. If Murphy wasn’t here, then her throat and heart would definitely have been pierced by that attack.

“Murphy, kill him as fast as you can!”

Paris spat the words out from between her pearly white teeth. She was never this worried. Although she had more trump cards and more plans, but the ability that this little king had shown made her a little uncomfortable. The women’s sixth sense, her intuition told her that she might had ignored something, but she couldn’t grasp it.

“He disappeared!”

The master warrior Murphy glanced around the peak of East Mountain, and couldn’t find where the little king was hiding at. He couldn’t sense where Fei would be at all: “I can’t find him!”


Paris couldn’t hide the surprise on her beautiful face. This little king was able to hide from the gaze of a six star warrior. It seemed like an impossible miracle told in stories and legends that were passed around by the travelling poets.  This woman quickly thought of a solution: “Just start torturing and killing the guards and soldiers from Chambord, we will just force him to come out on his own!”

Paris was a master of understanding and playing with people’s weaknesses.

But –

“Paris, if i’m not wrong, it seems like everyone from Chambord…… is dead already.”

Murphy glanced around the the Peak of East Mountain again, and gave Paris an answer that made her very frustrated. This beautiful woman had not experienced this hard situation for a long long time. She felt powerless in this situation, the same feeling she had when her adopted father locked her in the dark basement sixteen years ago.

“Damn it! Forget about him…… I will keep the star warriors on their side busy. Just kill the elder princess first!”

After she said that, Paris dashed into another battleground, and helped the assassin who was slowly falling into a disadvantage as he fought with the purple dressed girl. Murphy on the other hand dashed towards where the elder princess was.

Boom! Boom!

With every step he took, the energy surrounding him grew stronger. Soon, the mountain started to shook, as the energy was too powerful.

The cavalry knights who surrounded the elder princess quickly sensed this danger. With less than a hundred men left, they divided themselves into two groups. One group closely guarded the elder princess and another group charged at the whited haired Murphy with courage; they wanted to use their bodies, their lives to stop this terrifying six star warrior’s advancement – although they might only stop the man for one second for each life that was sacrificed.

However –

Boom! Boom!

Murphy was still getting closer to the elder princess. He simply threw out punches at the Zenit soldiers who charged at him, and the men who tried to block Murphy’s path were blown apart before they could even scream in pain. The strong metal attributed energy instantly crushed all the bones of these cavaliers into pieces, and evaporated all their blood. They were like snowflakes during a hot summer day, disappearing in seconds.

This was a truly powerful high ranked star warrior.

Ordinary soldiers couldn’t even get close to him within 10 yards (m), let alone stopping him.

Although this was reality, the cavalries charged in one after another.

The soldiers’ honour suppressed the fear in them.

Unfortunately, bravery and courage couldn’t change anything when faced with absolute strength and power.

In a blink of an eye, more than fifty bravery cavaliers were gone. Their weapons and armour were all crushed into dusts along with their bodies, bones and blood. They had forever disappeared from this world.

Murphy was still approaching the elder princess step by step.

He was in a critical distance from the elder princess. She was in great danger. When Murphy threw out the twenty first punch, the formation of cavaliers who were protecting the elder princess was already falling apart.

The death of their colleagues and friends didn’t faze them at all but Murphy’s fists were a different story.

WIthout commands nor shouts, the rest of the cavaliers divided themselves into halves again. About twenty five cavaliers continued to guard the elder princess, and the other 25 charged at Murphy, like moths flying into a flame. The path was soaked in the blood of their colleagues.

Boom! Boom!Boom! Boom!

It was the same punches, and it was the same silent deaths.

The brave sacrifices of the cavalries seemed way too cheap; it was not effective at all.

The white haired elder was less than thirty yards(m) away from the elder princess.

Among all the twenty five cavalries who charged at Murphy, there was only one who was still alive. An impatient expression appeared on Murphy’s face. He punched out again and that man instantly disappeared from the world.

There was nothing that could stop this white haired murderer.

Murphy’s eyes locked onto the elder princess. He believed that he could turn this Goddess of Intelligence of St. Petersburg, who was feared by many people, into a bloody pulp.

But, at this moment –

It was a fist.

It quietly travelled through the blood mist of the last charging cavalries. As if it got pass through the limitations of time and space, the fist instantly landed on Murphy’s chest.

Puff – !

Blood was spurted, and it stained Murphy’s white beard

He flew back uncontrollably like a bullet.

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