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Hail the King Chapter 1210.1

Chapter 1210: Cause and Effect (Part One)

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“Me? I’m just an ordinary person who recently got home,” Fei said with a bitter smile.

Since Fei hadn’t spoken Mandarin in a while, he felt a little strange when suddenly speaking it again. Just like this city before him, he was a little foreign to them.

Fei could still tell that these people in front of him were Chinese.

The man in the lead was wearing a green military tank top, and he looked muscular. He should be a well-trained soldier or police officer. The other survivors all had great physical conditions. One of them was a sexy woman in tight shorts and a little tank top. Her skin was fair, and it seemed like she was a fitness trainer.

These people were stronger than ordinary people, and they somehow got together and found a few weapons and police supplies. They had some combat strength; no wonder they survived until now.

“You… are you really human? Chinese?” the sexy woman in the tight shorts and tank top asked Fei with alertness and curiosity, “You… could it be that you are an immortal that the Heaven sent down?”

Fei laughed and replied, “Perhaps. Don’t be so nervous; I’m just an ordinary person. I can’t remember some of the things that had happened. What exactly happened here? Can you explain it to me?”

Although these survivors were curious about Fei’s background, Fei soon earned their trust with his friendliness and casual human appearance. These people sat around Fei with respect and some fear, and that sexy woman named Jian Jie started to tell Fei what was happening on Earth.

The catastrophe struck too suddenly.

About half a month ago, the astronomical monitoring stations in all countries on Earth were shocked to find that energy frequencies in the Solar System suddenly became unstable. Then, sunspots, solar flares, and solar winds’ activities became abrupt and aggressive.

After 12 hours, even the spatial structures of the world became unstable.

One day later, the catastrophe struck Earth.

Many giant spatial teleportation tunnels suddenly appeared in the sky; modern science couldn’t explain this phenomenon. These portals seemed like one giant ocean that was hanging above the world, and they looked like the hyperspatial wormholes in theory. However, no one knew where the tunnels connected to.

All the powerful countries sent space probes, drones, and piloted aircraft into the tunnels, trying to find an answer.

However, all efforts ended in failure.

18 hours later, many giant black balls appeared in the tunnels. Then, they headed directly toward the Earth. The intense friction with the air caused fires to burn on their surfaces, making them look like meteorites. Then, they smashed onto the ground and created many bottomless craters all over the world.

Next, bugs started to crawl out of the giant craters like floods, striking all major cities.

The end of the world that was portrayed in many sci-fi movies became a reality!

Humans weren’t prepared for this, and they suffered many casualties as a result.

Many cities were invaded, and the defenseless civilians were almost all wiped out. Many people died, and cities became ruins. Like a plague, the catastrophe spread on Earth and caused endless fear and panic, instantly making the human society collapse.

The number of bugs quickly grew. Wherever they went, all lifeforms were destroyed.

The human civilization on Earth was in shambles. The structure and order all broke down.

Even though the militaries battled the bugs in the beginning, they couldn’t eliminate this alien species. As time went on, the militaries started to get defeated more and more.

Ordinary weapons couldn’t do anything to the bugs that all had hard bone shells. Also, once they hid in their nests underground, except for massive ordnance penetrators which were unique tactical missiles, all other weapons of mass destruction weren’t effective on them.

Humans were instantly forced into a life-and-death situation.

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  1. Fimbulwinter

    ok, ok, I know I’m being petty here, since it’s a fantasy (and I guess sci-fi) novel, but how the hell did regular humans from earth detect that “spatial structures of the world became unstable” xD

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