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Hail the King Chapter 1210.2

Chapter 1210: Cause and Effect (Part Two)

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“Is this really ok? If those bugs discover us…” Wang Jian and his peers walked behind Fei with their hearts in their throats, heading toward the exit of the building.

These people were the lucky ones. When the catastrophe struck this city, they obtained some of the equipment in the police station and didn’t run into large herds of bugs. They survived on the roof of this building for three days, and they weren’t discovered by the bugs.

But now, their food supplies and water ran out. When Fei recommended them to go with him, these people worked hard and finally conquered the fear in their hearts, tightly following behind Fei.

Wang Jian and others were terrified when they saw Fei casually walking like he was on vacation without a care in the world. They were afraid that Fei would make loud noises and attract the bugs that were hiding in the dark.

“Don’t worry.” Fei walked at the very front and waved his hand.

Ever since Fei came back to Earth, Zhong Dajun’s call completely disappeared. Perhaps due to the existence of the bugs, countless streaks of mystical energy fluctuations covered the Earth. The laws of space and energy were gradually changing in this world. Although Fei’s spirit energy could cover more than half of the Earth, he couldn’t pinpoint where Zhong Dajun was at.

Now, the only strategy was to look for Zhong Dajun in the slow way.

Of course, Fei couldn’t ignore the survivors in the city and let them die. He decided to take them out of here, find those cities that weren’t conquered yet, and arrange the refugees to live there.

Of course, Wang Jian and his peers weren’t the only survivors in Beijing. Fei was going to gather them all in one location before bringing them to a safe city.

Fei wasn’t too anxious. He slowly walked down the building with these survivors as he thought about the mysteries that had been troubling him.

“Creak…” A series of sharp roars suddenly sounded in the staircase before the ground. Then, the floor shook as a bug that was more than two meters tall dashed over like a lightning bolt. The sharp bone spikes on its leg already left many deep grooves on the concrete floor; they were each about a dozen centimeters deep.

“Ah! Save me! Bugs!”

“Be careful!”

The survivors all screamed on top of their lungs.

However, all screams and shouts stopped in the next second.

Shocking to the survivors, this giant bug that could instantly tear open an elephant got captured by Fei, a strange man in their eyes.

As if this bug was weightless, it floated in mid-air and couldn’t move at all. Even a rare trace of fear could be seen in this bug’s red eyes that were filled with murderous spirit.

Fei reached out his hand and caressed the body of this bug.

“Tough bone structure, advanced nervous system, spirit energy fluctuations of intelligent life. The thinking level of a four-year-old child. Eh? It seems like a portion of its nerves and spirit energy involving fear is removed. In terms of strength… about the level of a Two-Star Warrior on the Azeroth Continent…”

While Fei said that, he reached out his hands and broke the sharp bone spike on one of the legs of this bug. Then, he carefully studied the bone spike.

At this moment, a series of noises sounded next door; a herd of bugs was quickly approaching.

Fei waved his hand, and a streak of dark light flashed by.

The bone spike was turned into a sneaky weapon, penetrating a concrete wall that was more than 20 centimeters thick and instantly killing four bugs that were running over from 50 meters away.

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