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Hail the King Chapter 1211.2

Chapter 1211: Unimaginable Power (Part Two)

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The poor souls were terrified, and some of them were so scared that they peed their pants. Wang Jian and Jian Jie wanted to run, but they couldn’t. Therefore, they all closed their eyes and waited for the bugs to tear them into pieces.

However, after a long time passed, they didn’t sense the intense pain of being pierced by the bugs’ sharp bone spikes.

These people slowly opened their eyes in confusion, and they saw something unthinkable up-close.

A circle of golden flames slowly burned around them, and those terrifying bugs were turned into ashes as soon as they touched the flames as if they were vampires in the sun. The tough bone shells that could block bullets became weak like paper and instantly shattered.

These few survivors looked at each other in unison, and their mouths opened wide in shock.

“This… is like an immortal spell!”


While these people were stunned to their cores, endless herds of bugs rushed over like moths that were attracted to a flame. They roared and charged over, and then they were turned into ashes and disappeared.

This was a small trick that originated from the fist spiritual spatial seal.

Before Fei became a true god, the fist spiritual spatial seals that he left at the Bay of Byzantine almost destroyed an entire fleet of Barcelonan battleships. Now, Fei was a top-tier godly king. It was extremely easy to do this to deal with a few weak bugs.

Wang Jian and others watched as groups upon groups of bugs disappear before their eyes, and they didn’t know what to say.

Soon, Fei slowly walked back with a set of black Li-Ning sportswear and a pair of black running shoes.

Wherever he walked by, large groups of bugs disappeared like collapsing sand sculptures.

“Ok, let’s go now.”

Fei had scanned the entire city with his spirit energy, and he knew the locations of the few big underground bases of the bugs. However, it was hard to kill all these bugs, and they might return. Before he figured out how the bugs reproduced, Fei decided to either leave with all the survivors in the city or create a temporary home base in this city.

Beauty Jian Jie’s eyes lit up.

After Fei changed into sportswear, he looked more dashing. He was handsome enough to rival actors, and his muscular physique was eye-catching. His long hair fluttered in the wind, making him seem like someone who walked out of a comic book. Many girls who loved handsome men would be ‘slain’ by him.

People like Wang Jian and Jian Jie now realized Fei’s power, and they followed him obediently.

Now, they understood that if they were with this young man, they wouldn’t face any danger.

“Where are we going next?” Jian Jie asked curiously.

“We need to find a place that can contain enough people,” Fei said with a smile, “I suddenly have a great idea. I’m going to gather all the survivors in Beijing.”

While speaking, something mystical happened.

While Jian Jie and others opened their mouths in shock, silver flames flashed as another Fei walked out of Fei’s body. Everything about the second Fei was the same as the first; they looked identical, had the same temperament, and were wearing the same clothes.

“This is… a doppelganger?”

Wang Jian, Jian Jie, and others thought that they were shocked enough after seeing the power that Fei showcased, but they were still stunned this time.

This wasn’t the end of it.

More and more doppelgangers walked out of Fei’s body.

Soon, thousands of Fei stood on the street, and it was impossible to tell who the real Fei was. This scene was weird and shocking.

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