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Hail the King Chapter 1212.1

Chapter 1212: Saving People and the Truth (Part One)

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While Wang Jian, Jian Jie, and others stared at Fei in shock, one in the thousands of Fei waved his hand, and streaks of black flames flashed. After a few seconds of crazy changes, only one Fei could be seen in the area.

“Immortal… you must be an immortal!” Wang Jian murmured to himself. He once firmly believed in materialism, a philosophical theory that states nothing exists except matter and its movements and modifications. Now, his view of the world completely shifted.

On the other hand, Beauty Jian Jie had stars in her eyes.

In her current state, if Fei showed any interest toward her, she would be thrilled and sleep with him, thinking that she got lucky.

Fei was already used to these people’s reactions.

In reality, he didn’t want to hide his strength.

In the current situation where the Polluters suddenly raided the Earth, some of Fei’s plans got completely messed up. He had to try his best to reverse this situation, so he had to show his power.


With Fei’s current strength, he was like the immortals in Chinese mythologies.

In reality, he was probably stronger than the immortals in legends

With a flash, Fei appeared 1,000 meters above the ground and glanced at Beijing.

Decay and destruction were everywhere. The high-rises collapsed, some ferries wheels were slowly moving and squeaking in the wind, corpses lay everywhere next to the cars that collided, and white plastic bags flew in the wind. Some places were burning while low-level Polluters quickly crawled around. Also, many giant holes could be seen on the ground.

It seemed like all signs of human life disappeared.

However, when Fei scanned this area with his spirit energy, he clearly noticed that at least 100,000 survivors were still hiding in the city. They were being tortured by fear, and they were hoping for the almost impossible light to shine through the darkness.

Now, Fei wanted to change all this.

Those thousands of Fei’s doppelgangers each had a portion of Fei’s strength, and they were unrivaled on this planet. They were going to appear in every corner of the city and save all the survivors before bringing them to the biggest square in the city.

Of course, some of the doppelgangers were going to focus on killing the Polluters in the city, trying to clean hundreds of millions of bugs underground.

After observing in the sky and scanning the ground with his spirit energy again and again for a while, Fei suddenly detected a streak of mystical spirit energy underground that was about 20 kilometers to the west. It seemed to be related to the Polluters.

In the next moment, Fei landed on the ground.

“I have something to do and need to leave for a while. You guys can wait here. I have set up restriction arrays around here, and all bugs that are within 100 meters will be killed. Don’t worry!” Fei said to Wang Jian, Jian Jie, and others.

“Ah? You… are leaving?” Beauty Jian Jie got nervous, and she looked a little lost. “Immortal, how about you bring us with you? I’m still a little afraid!”

Fei smiled and said, “My name is Fei; you can directly call my name. The place that I’m going to is more dangerous. You better not come with me!”

Others looked hesitant, and they thought, “Even this immortal said that the place that he is going to is dangerous. We can’t even imagine the scale of threats there. Therefore, staying here is a better option.”

On the other hand, Wang Jian who was a police officer clenched his teeth and said, “I perhaps can’t help you with much, but I’m very familiar with every corner of Beijing. I can help you with directions.”

Jian Jie’s eyes also lit up, and she begged, “Me too! Please bring me along.”

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