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Hail the King Chapter 1212.2

Chapter 1212: Saving People and the Truth (Part Two)

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Fei didn’t want to waste time, and he thought that having guides who were familiar with Beijing perhaps was useful. Therefore, a golden mist appeared and wrapped around Wang Jian and Jian Jie. In the next second, the three disappeared.

The people who remained in the area looked envious and regretful.

If their attitude was a bit sincere and decided to follow that ‘immortal’, perhaps they wouldn’t experience danger and might even obtain some benefits.

Unfortunately, such opportunities only came once in a lifetime, and these people missed it.

Inside Beijing, the bugs that only started becoming the ruler of this land less than a week ago were being butchered mercilessly. Their sharp bone spikes and shells couldn’t offer them any protection.

Many terrified survivors saw shocking scenes through the thin slits of the entrances to their hideouts! A young man in black Li-Ning sportswear was killing the deadly bugs as if he was killing ants!

Light of hope shined on their desperate hearts.

Meanwhile, the bugs finally started to retreat. As if they received an order, they quickly disappeared on the ground like a falling tide, crawling back into the deep cave that they dug out prior.

At the same time, Fei, Jian Jie, and Wang Jian appeared outside a chilly cave that looked gloomy and cold.

“This is the place. The spirit energy frequencies are getting more and more intense in here. It should be the command center of the bugs, and high-level bugs exist in here!” Fei thought.

Then, Fei turned around and said to the two behind him, “Be careful. Interesting and strange things might appear next.”

Before Fei finished speaking, Jian Jie and Wang Jian felt like their visions darkened as they already entered the cave.

Fei’s body emitted a soft golden glow, getting rid of the darkness and the cold.

Fei walked in the front and ventured into this crude cave that had a cross-sectional diameter of about two meters.

Jian Jie and Wang Jian held their breaths and tightly followed.

This should be an underground tunnel that the bugs recently created with their sharp bone spikes and claws. The entire cave had an oval-shape, and it looked like a natural karst cave. It was filled with the smell of dirt, and the walls were rough with some brown, sticky, and disgusting liquid wriggling on them.

While cold breezes blew by, it sounded as if the cave screamed, making this place even more terrifying.

Jian Jie felt like she was walking inside an ants’ cave that was many times larger. If Fei weren’t leading the way, she and Wang Jian would have been completely lost with so many forked tunnels and paths.

Fei wasn’t anxious, and he walked slowly.

He would sometimes stop and observe the cave’s structure and how it was created, trying to figure out some of the bugs’ habits.

To Fei, it wasn’t hard to deal with all the bugs on Earth.

What truly concerned him was that with these bugs appearing on Earth, the Azeroth Continent might be revisited by the Polluters. He was also thinking back to the meeting at the City of San Siro. Now, he suspected that he had missed some crucial details.

Either old Pope Stabila was lying, or Stabila didn’t truly figure out the result of the mythical war that happened more than 1,000 years ago.

Of course, regardless of whether which of the two hypotheses was correct, the future of the Azeroth Continent would be terrible. Fei first had to find Pope Entus of the Beast God Palace, which was Zong Dajun in this world, to figure out the origins of this crisis.

At this moment, a series of booming noises sounded deep inside the cave, making it shake.

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  1. EKANTA Unknown

    Thanks for the chapter.
    And cliff-kun is back at it again.

  2. alexanderkingofchambord

    thanks for the chapter

  3. Vash the Stampede

    Hard to see how guides would be of any use for someone who was sense everything on the planet

  4. Vash the Stampede

    Also he keeps talking about how the pope was incorrect. The pope was correct, they were able to wipe out the invading force. Fei is being stupid and forgetting the fact that the polluters came from somewhere and no one made any mention of where they came from

  5. Fimbulwinter

    “perhaps they wouldn’t experience danger and might even obtain some benefits”, if the the story wouldn’t state that these people are earthlings I would think that they are from the Azeroth Continent or maybe they all read way too many fantasy novels :’)

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