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Hail the King Chapter 1213.1

Chapter 1213: The Big Guy (Part One)

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“What is going on?” Jian Jie and Wang Jian’s expressions changed drastically.

Dust and chipped stones continued to fall from the roof of the circular tunnel as if an earthquake was happening.

However, the hoarse noises made by the bugs clearly told them that this wasn’t an earthquake. Instead, many enemies were rushing over to them from all directions in this maze-like cave.

Fortunately, Fei was here.

With the golden mist engulfing them, when the dust and chipped stones were half a meter away from those three, they flew outward as if they smashed into a layer of invisible shield.

Although Jian Jie and Wang Jian’s hearts raced, they weren’t that afraid.

Fei’s prior demonstration of power completely conquered them.

In the next second, bugs dashed toward them like a flood, completely burying them. Then, as the golden mist flashed and unleashed its power, the bugs turned into gas as if ice pallets were dropped in lava, disappearing completely.

In just a second, tens of thousands of bugs disappeared inside the tunnel. It felt as if they never existed.

“It seems like the master of this place already noticed us, the unwelcome guests,” Fei laughed and said, “Follow me tightly and don’t fall behind. Other types of bugs might start appearing.”

It felt like the passage of time was extremely slow inside this deep and mysterious maze-like cave.

Fei, Jian Jie, and Wang Jian could clearly hear their own breathing, their heartbeats, and the sound that blood made when it traveled through their vessels. In the endless darkness, it felt like the Grim Reaper’s tentacles had clenched their throats.

Fei was walking slowly, and he would stop from time to time to ponder.

The deadly silence continued for about 20 minutes. To Jian Jie and Wang Jie, they felt like an entire day had passed, and they couldn’t do anything but follow Fei closely.


Suddenly, a streak of wind blew through them.

“What is going on? It feels like something dashed by us?” Beauty Jian Jie was surprised, and her female instinct made her rush over and grab onto Fei’s shoulder. Her full chest tightly pressed onto one of Fei’s arms and emitted some heat as their bodies rubbed against each other while they walked.

Wang Jian also sped up subconsciously.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A black figure that was as fast as a bolt of lightning dashed by these three, creating chilly wind like a ghost. Wang Jian and Jian Jie couldn’t capture this figure with their eyes, but their instinct made them clearly sense the rapidly approaching danger.


A streak of red light shot toward Wang Jian’s forehead from the roof of the tunnel, and Fei reached out his hand and captured it in mid-air.

It was a strange bug that was about the size of a human infant and looked like a monkey, and it got pulled out of the roof as it squeaked.

Its body was covered in greenish-grey bone scales, and organs such as eyes couldn’t be seen on its head. Right now, its giant bloody mouth opened wide, and its two-meter-long arrow-like tongue froze in mid-air.

That streak of chilly red light was this bug’s tongue.

“Huh? A new type of bug? It seems to have the abilities of chameleons. It can merge with its surroundings, ignore gravity, and climb around with ease. Its agility and phantom-like speed… eh, and it should have a higher level of intelligence and instincts.” Fei observed this bug with interest.

He discovered that this bug should have evolved at least once, and its strength reached about Four-Star to Five-Star in terms of the power levels on the Azeroth Continent.

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  1. Vash the Stampede

    Although it doesn’t really make sense how the bugs are evolving on Earth. On Azeroth it made sense, there were warriors and mages that wielded great power and the bugs grew powerful from eating them but there’s nothing like that on Earth to power them up

  2. Noursin


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